Alonso: "We are running with a very basic setup"

The Spaniard, despite finishing in the thirty-first position in the Free 1, highlights the progress made by McLaren engineers.

The challenge of the Indianapolis 500 has not begun as Fernando Alonso and McLaren would have dreamed. Because after the problems with the battery suffered by the car built in collaboration with Carlin in his debut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the orange car number 66 barely completed a lap in the afternoon session of the Free 1 due to setbacks whose origin does not get Decipher the engineers of Woking.

Before these difficulties arose, Alonso spoke for the official channel of the IndyCar at the end of the morning session, where he said he was very happy about the progress made in recent weeks: "I am very happy for the start this morning and because we have made a lot of progress, taking into account that we are in a very basic setup for the moment, so I am happy. "

Similarly, the two-time champion of Formula 1 said he felt better prepared compared to his first presence two years ago with Honda and Andretti, while praising the effusiveness of fans ricanos: "Yes, I definitely feel more prepared now than in 2017. You have to know how to separate between the moment of the track and the benefits and the moment for the fans. They were the first moments, because really today we are in the first test, since the one of April 24 was very reduced by the weather. I feel privileged to be able to participate in a race like this, where the fans are so involved and are so passionate about the engine ".

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