Akieme: "It's time to analyze the mistakes, improve and re-dream"

The left side of Rayo returned to play an official game four months later and after the same, he valued the team's season.

Akieme returned to play with Rayo four months after his last official game. The canterano completed the 90 minutes against Celta and after it, he regretted the decline of the team in statements to the club's website: "It has been very fast the season, nothing we were celebrating that we were league champions and that we had promoted and now we see that we have lost. It's time to see what we've done wrong, improve things and return to dreaming ".

The lateral has had little opportunities this season with Álex Moreno who almost played everything in his position: " I tried not to lower my arms during the whole season and in each training to wait for my opportunity. I had it in the last game of the season and I tried to do my best and I felt good. In the end it is a complicated situation, but something with what the players have to live and what can be given. The only thing we can do is give everything to try to take advantage of the opportunity, because it is clear that if you lower your arms the opportunity will never come. "

Now Rayo looks to the future with the hope of returning to the top category as soon as possible and Akieme spoke in the mouth of the whole team: "Everything is an experience and this is one that has to serve us in the future to make things better" .

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