Again the third quarter, again Green and again victory: the Warriors are already touching another final

A great match in the Warriors' power forward punishes the Blazers, whose eyes are clouded again, and brings the Warriors to another final.

The series between the Warriors and the Blazers is not leaving the seconds in the place they deserve for the game played. If the second game was a great example, the third returned to reproduce the same feeling: Oakland tighten the nuts and are better despite not having Cousins and Durant. In the first meeting at the Moda Center, a pavilion that did not see a conference finals since 2000, the champions had to come back again and added another point. Terry Stotts and his boys do not know what else to do.

Kerr mixed again as liquid shaker to his players. He bet on Jones as a starter, but it did not last long. Bogut, not much. The technician did not like how his centers treated the rivals. Much of the stretch that made fears that the locals won was thanks to the trio formed by Kanter, Collins and Leonard, roaming freely in the first part. Iguodala had less influence because he got injured and McKinnie took center stage. The coach showed again that it is not a coincidence that his team and he are in the position they are in.

A 15-5 opened the game in Oregon. The public knew that he had to get into the game. Portland is a field with good environmental pressure, to tell the Lakers ... Stephen Curry was a little too fast in the beginning and the team of his brother Seth took advantage. Thompson put the pause to the game, that they were not going to go there: it would be in the second period.

They entered with very bad foot the substitutes in those minutes of the second sleeve and Kerr had to readjust, what already said. The destruction of the Trail Blazers was important, putting rhythm to the transitions and executing combinations of quality. Kanter and Collins made Golden State dust and the difference went up to 18 (60-42, minute 21). Leonard would take the relay to them to arrive at the rest with a similar distance, of thirteen.

Diez minutes lasted the history. From the departure of the locker room after the break to 76-77. The Warriors dressed again with the layers of heroes to force a great partial and overcome. And the third quarter, leaving his personal mark: Curry already plugged the 3 + 1, Bell failed mates and then fixed it, McKinnie appeared as a surprising element and Green ran the track as a base to unbalance the local defense.

23/50 in shots of two. The Blazers got tremors when they had to measure a Draymond Green (20 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists) that became huge. Lillard and McCollum were failing, plus one another, and Steph Curry amended his bad start with a close to the end to close the game as top scorer (36 points). 11-31 was the partial that broke the hopes of Portland, which has the pressure to win everything if you want to continue with the dream.

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