Ackermann caused the fall and Demare says: "Arrogant"

The German, who has a great Giro and adds two stages in this edition, made the sharpener and caused the montonera. Matteo Moschetti, very affected.

On a flat 145-kilometer day full of tranquility for the peloton, a fall just under the banner of the last kilometer changed everything. Fran Ventoso jumped solo from the group shortly before and tried to dream of the stage, in vain. Because the teams of the sprinters increased the pace and annulled the movement of the Spaniard to look for the volata in Modena. In the midst of the usual tension of attaining the top positions, chaos ensued.

Pascal Ackermann, one of the big favorites to victory (he has two wins in this edition), he made the sharpener and provoked the montonera. The German ended with the broken cyclamen jersey and shorts, and with significant body injuries. Demare pointed out: "I find it very arrogant" . More involved: Jenthe Biermans, Paolo Simion, Jakub Mareczko, Simone Consonni or Matteo Moschetti. The Trek got the worst part. When he was lifted off the ground, he was seen in shock. At the Hospital de Modena, they will perform X-rays on those affected to rule out or confirm injuries, although the participation of some on Wednesday is in danger.

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