€ 3,001 fine to the amateur who carried a 9cm knife in the Alcorcón-Osasuna

Ban on access to venues for seven fans who participated in a brawl at Leganés-Celta and eight in Extremadura-Almeria.

The Permanent Commission of the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport has agreed various proposals for sanctions, among which stand out:

-A sanction proposal of 3,001 euros, with access ban to the sports venues for a period of six months, for an amateur who, when subjected to a registration in the stadium access filter, was intervened with a knife of 9 cm single-pointed blade and pointed on the occasion of the match Alcorcón-Osasuna, played on May 4.

In addition, there were other proposals for sanctions: A proposal for a penalty of 20.000 euros for Club Atlético de Madrid due to deficiencies in the access control and permanence of spectators in the sports arena, not prevent the central evacuation stairs from the south end of the stadium, where the local Animation Stand is located, with the consequent risk in case of having to carry out the eviction of the stadium or the intervention of the emergency services, in the match Atlético de Madrid-Sevilla, played on May 12.

A proposal for a penalty of 15.000 euros for the club Rayo Vallecano due to deficiencies in the measures of control of spectators' access, as well as the disobedience of the orders or dispositions of the governmental authorities about the conditions of the celebration of sporting events, by allowing it to be introduced and, after the beginning of the meeting, to be displayed in the Fund of the stadium, location of the Bukaneros Group, a large banner without communicating to the Security coordinator its deployment, the legend, or present the certificate of being made with fireproof material, as it is stipulated in the procedures for the use of this type of animation elements, in the match Rayo Vallecano-Real Madrid, jug Adopted on April 28.

A proposed penalty of 10.000 euros for the club RCD Espanyol due to deficiencies in the control measures of permanence and eviction of spectators, by not preventing that, once the game was over there was a massive invasion of the land of game, after the game Espanyol-Real Sociedad, played on May 18.

Eight proposals for sanction of 4,000 euros, with a ban on access to sports venues for a period of 12 months, for eight individuals who actively participated in a brawl that occurred in the vicinity of the stadium on the occasion of the match Extremadura-Almeria, played on April 6,


Seven proposals for sanction of 4.000 euros, with prohibition of access to sports facilities for a period of twelve months, for siete local fans who, in the vicinity of the stadium, actively participated in a brawl on the occasion of the do Leganés-Celta de Vigo, played on April 27.

A proposal for a sanction of 6,000 euros, with a ban on access to sports venues for a period of 18 months, for an individual who, before the start of the match, violently and repeatedly to a security guard during the match Mallorca-Sporting, played on May 5.

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