1x1 Villarreal: Condemned for errors behind and lack of punch

The Submarine was close to score at the Bernabeu but ended up falling for specific details that cost him dearly.


Received three goals and was one of the best of his team. What could stop it stopped it, and some were of merit. Little could he do in the goals.


Based, he was substituted. He tried, but suffered with Brahim and did not take advantage of their arrivals.


Peleó with Mariano on each ball to the fullest. He was forceful and aggressive. It is still the best defense of his team.

Funes Mori

Fort to the cut and in the passing game. As the rest of defenses were dismasted by moments, but more by the bands.


No was like in previous games, it cost him in defense and was demanded by Lucas Vázquez. It arrived a lot, but its centers did not generate danger.


From less to more, it was dislocated in the first part, and more solid in the second. He finished strong, controlled in the middle of the field in the final straight.


Falló in the first goal, and that weighed him. Much better in the second part, with more arrival and more presence.


Accelerated and nervous. Leaving the team has made him lose confidence. He was one of the best and now he is seen with doubts and without luck.


Voluntarioso, but without luck in the decisive passes. Worker and intense, but without clear arrival.


Metió a great goal. He asked for them and dismissed his team from behind. He lacked to arrange some other option. It was not mál.


It disappeared in the first part, much better in the second. He tried hard, he missed a point of success. Good second part.


Salió to help up. He tried but lacked success.


With his ticket he saw the best Villarreal. With work and criteria balanced the team in the middle. Good minutes.


Played little, but enough to get a goal.

Photos from as.com
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