1x1 of Valencia: Soler, Mina and Gameiro reach the Champions

The ches go back a goal of Alavés to get four classified for the first time in the entire season and depend on themselves.

Jaume: He returned to the starting position by surprise and was one of the best news ahead of the final of the Copa del Rey. Paradón with the face, before Rolan, in a hand to hand in the first half. In the goal of Ximo Navarro to point was to remove it. In the rest of the match he was very successful and confident, taking sensations for the Cup final.

Piccini: His best game since he returned. He put the line in defense and was seen to win more duels than in previous games. He still needs to multiply the increases per band with danger but reaches the final phase of the season in the group dynamics.

Garay: After his bad game against the arsenal, he returned to his best level. In the first part, above all, he worked by piece to get rid of the Alavés attacks. In the second part was more calm, pulling positioning and hierarchy.

Paulista: Aggressive and fast in the cut. In addition, a great long pass to Carlos Soler that meant the 1-1 was taken from the chsitera. It was very above the Alavés tips, preventing them from turning around on many occasions.

Gayà: After several irregular matches, it returned to its level of the whole season. He closed his left wing and went up to attack with judgment. In addition, gave a spectacular pass to Gameiro, maraca of the house, so that the French made the third and riveted the victory.

Soler: He returned to mark season and a half later. He resolved with quality, against Pacheco, taking advantage of the defense's error and making the draw. Afterwards, he opened up Gayà to focus on Gameiro for the third. He completed a great game.

Wass: He returned to the midfield and was at a good level. Always get approved, play where you play. In addition, gave a great pass to Rodrigo who was about to become 3-1, in the first half. He took a problem from between Marcelino.

Parejo: The captain dominated the game from midfield. In addition, it was very important in the stopped ball. In fact, he threw the corner with skill that ended with the 2-1 of Santi Mina.

Guedes: Still eager to recover the streak he had a few weeks ago. He was ready with a play mark of the house starting from the left that he narrowly missed. He has two games ahead to prove that he is the most expensive signing of the history ché.

Rodrigo: He left with the task done although it was not his best game. He missed a clear opportunity, in the 40 ', which could mean the 3-1 but, in the small area, he sent it high. He must recover his best version for the last two finals of the season.

Mina: This time he scored only one goal, for the first time. He had it on his head, in the 7th minute, but he finished at the hands of Pacheco. After half an hour, he came forward behind, in a corner, turned his neck as they send the canons and put, head, next to the goal stick Pacheco. He fought the rest of the game and completed a remarkable match.


Gameiro: He gave oxygen to Valencia attacks when he came out. Then he scored the third after a great header. He fulfilled the role entrusted to him by Marcelino when he left.

Diakhaby: He played again for a few minutes in midfield. And he made a couple of starts that Mestalla chanted.

Ferran: He left in the last minutes and could hardly prove anything.

Photos from as.com
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