1x1 of Valencia: Parejo, captain of the ship towards the Champions

The '10' black and white led the team, made the goal of tranquility and froze the game when required. Carlos Soler and Rodrigo made the goals.

Jaume: He was seen somewhat insecure in the first half although he gradually came to safety and being important. He kicked Green's shot with his foot, in a direct foul, in a somewhat strange action. Then he blocked another of the midfielder of Valladolid, shot from outside the area. In the second part, paradón to Alcaraz who ended up sending the ball to the stick and another to Unal, with one hand in the same squad.

Wass: Toni was the bottom line at the beginning, and the ball ended in the wood. However, in attack he reached deep and put good centers with much danger. One of them was about to be worth the goal of Santi Mina. In the second half he climbed less, knowing that the important thing was to keep the ball and not lose the position.

Diakhaby: He was overtaken by the speed of the whitish points. Of course, above won all the duels. In the second half, it became big against the centers from the flanks of the Valladolid players against a striker of his size as Unal. He got confidence and even took some ball played from behind with criterion.

Paulista: Pending closing and correcting the mistakes of his teammates. He was quick and attentive on the second play. Correct and always aggressive in the absence of Garay. Very solvent before the tips of Valladolid.

Gayà: Partidazo del canterano. Percussed on several occasions, from the beginning, on the left. In one of them, Rodrigo did not arrive by a little. Behind, he closed the door to Keko Gontán. In the second half, sealed his band, even allowed himself the luxury of helping the central.

Carlos Soler: His work was always joined the goal, two in two consecutive games. He teamed well with Wass, on the right. It marked with temperance the 0-1: it received from Mina, it controlled and it crossed it far from the scope of Yoel. In the second half, always knew what had to be done and was well associated with Parejo.

Coquelin: Balanced the team although he was somewhat slow ideas of the ball. He lost several balls in the center of the field, something unusual in him. He was replaced by Kondogbia, with some physical discomfort. It was not his best match but always adds.

Parejo: The leader of the ship that has finished in Champions. He was seen very loose in the center of the field. Valencia attacks always came out of their boots. In the 0-2, sure of himself in the robbery and definitive assistance to Rodrigo. Captain. Detail when throwing the ball outside so that Valladolid paid homage to Borja.

Guedes: Stressed from the first minute. An individual play by left wing that ends with right to Yoel's hands was the only drink of his, in the first half. Neither in the second was much finer. Some ride, with speed, that gave some respite to his companions. More errors than hits.

Rodrigo: Something imprecise in the first half hour. Then he improved. Stole the ball in the goal of Carlos Soler when worse was happening to Valencia. In the second half, Parejo went well with pressure, which ended up stealing and pushing the net to 0-2. He was replaced by Gameiro, at the time of the match.

Santi Mina: He is winning the shirt of '9' holder in the last games for the Copa del Rey final. Exceptional performance, performing at all times what the match required. Shoot point-blank that Yoel stopped with the foot, input. After, he attended Soler, with calm and vision of game, in the 0-1. From there, he controlled the ball up, to give air to his teammates and gave continuity to the attacks.


Kondogbia: He returned in the last league game and recovered sensations for the final of the Copa del Rey. It grew with the passage of minutes and even dared to shoot from outside the area.

Gameiro: Falling to the left side, gave air to the outputs of Valencia, in the second half. He had the 0-3 on a ball that went to the side of the network.

Ferran Torres: He contributed his speed in the last minutes to stretch the team. He had a hand in hand to end the season with a goal.

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