1x1 of Celta: Collective Disaster in San Mamés

The Celta players did not measure up in a game in which they played their lives. Many defensive mistakes and few ideas in attack.

Rubén Blanco: He made a big mistake in the exit of the ball that cost the third goal and the Athletic sentence. Then he went back to miss another of Williams that was finally canceled by offside. It was not the best day of the goalkeeper.

Mallo: The captain barely tried in attack, although at least he can boast that no Biscayne came by his side. It was not very demanded, but it was in the line of the rest of the team, apathetic and imprecise.

Araujo: The great one indicated in San Mamés. He committed an absurd penalty and broke the offside in the second goal. The Mexican had a horrible afternoon, in which he granted many facilities to the Athletic forwards.

Hoedt: It was the big surprise in the eleven. He came in to try to stop Williams' speed and it turns out that it was Muniain who destroyed him. The Dutchman could play his last game with the Celtic shirt. His assignment has not been anything satisfactory.

Olaza: The side had to cover many cracks in the back of Hoedt, where Williams and Muniain were continually stuck. In attack combined well with Boudebouz and put several centers with danger, but almost never found a finisher.

Brais: He returned to eleven and was more inaccurate than usual. In addition, it slipped continuously, causing unnecessary losses. He could barely connect with his favorite partner, Iago Aspas. His best action was a set-piece center that Maxi scored on goal, but offside.

Lobotka: Totally exceeded in the center of the field. He did not know how to become the owner of the midfield and only gave the ball circulation with the game already resolved. Had a good chance in the first half, but missed the final shot after two good dribbles.

Okay: The Turkish could not impose its physical power in the center of the field. It did not help much in the recovery and did not have the usual presence in the rival area. He ended up being substituted in the absence of twenty minutes, perhaps with a view to rest for the last game of LaLiga.

Boudebouz: Unlike in the previous matches, this time he acted on the left wing and was quite incisive during some phases of the game, putting good centers at the heart of the area and connecting well with Olaza.

Aspas: The Moañés could hardly get into action and the times he did was far from the rival goal. He went to his usual appointment with the goal from eleven meters, transforming the penalty to the Panenka, which allows him to remain as national top scorer.

Maxi: He scored a header at the beginning of the game, but was canceled by offside . Shortly after he had another chance with the test and finished off. He was replaced at the beginning of the second half to protect him from a possible fifth yellow which would result in the penalty.

Boufal (entered by Maxi): Surprisingly he was a substitute, even though he had always counted for Escribá. He entered the second half, with the game already liquidated, and came quite into play, trying to continually overflow by his band.

Jozabed (entered by Okay): The Andalusian midfielder entered the field of play when his teammates were already more aware of the radio that of its own party and hardly had incidence in the game.

Beltrán (entered by Lobotka): His presence in the meeting was testimonial, since he joined the field with four minutes to go.

Photos from as.com
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