1x1 of the Athletic: the errors condemn a team without soul

The rojiblanco team fell against Espanyol. Griezmann lost the ball in the first goal, where Pedrosa overcame all the defense. Rodrigo missed in the second.

El Atlético did not know how to secure the second place even though it was worth to draw against Espanyol. The lack of intensity at the end of the season with little at stake was decisive, with dos errors of bulk Griezmann and Rodrigo in easy balls that led to the Catalan team's goals to the coontrataque and a penalty that made Borja Iglesias in the third goal of the local. Pedrosa was unstoppable for the rival left wing and Atlético was unrecognizable.

In the first half Simeone used a game system where in attack Rodrigo initiated the plays as a pivot while Saul and Koke were deployed in attack in danger zone. In defense the '8' was inserted in the double pivot to help Rodrigo. La relapse of Savic in the first goal of Espanyol caused Correa and Saul to pass into the center of the defense for fifteen minutes, but the second goal of the pericos led to the entry of Montero and Vitolo by Rodrigo and Lemar with the Elche again medium. Griezmann ended up playing on the right with Correa forming a double point with Morata, but there was no way to see a good Atlético.

Oblak: He could not do anything in Godin's clearance against his goal. Borja Iglesias dribbled him with mastery in the second goal of the parrots. He did not have collaboration from his colleagues. He left his great stop of all matches in the 65th minute. He again had to avoid the third of Espanyol in the 68, but could not do it in the penalty shot by Iglesias.

Juanfran: He won the game to Arias, who is alternating lately all the matches one for each. There was nothing precise in the meeting. Godín's own goal caught him out of position, although it was from a loss by Griezmann when he looked for him in the pass at the end. He could not stop Pedrosa at any time. The referee decreed a slight push from Juanfran in minute 88.

Savic: He overcame the muscular discomforts that made him doubt, but fell on the last play of the first half that was the goal of Espanyol. Pedrosa beat him in speed and the Montenegrin broke. In his 45 minutes he accompanied Godín in the center of the defense. It was close to scoring in the 12th minute when a corner was released, but his shot went wide. His replacement was Correa in a very offensive change.

Godín: Every game that passes seems to approach the farewell of the rojiblanco captain. In what could have been his third-to-last match with Atlético's shirt, Godín had the bad luck to score on his own when he was trying to clear the center of Pedrosa. Until the moment he was very safe leading the rear and he was a colossus in the passing game. With the change of Savic happened to play in the right profile next to Saúl.

Filipe: He returned to complete a game after a long time without doing so. He could only appear with danger once in attack and was discreet, like the whole team.

Rodrigo: He returned to the eleven after resting at home against Valladolid. With the function of being the anchor of the team, he had to be the initiator of the game allowing the deployment of Koke and Saul in the first half so that they would go down in search of participating in three quarterfinals. A serious error in the beginning of the second half, delivering the ball to a rival player, ended up assuming the goal of Borja Iglesias. He was replaced very soon after to give way to Montero and to move Saúl back into the middle.

Saúl: He started again in the double pivot, accompanied this time by Rodrigo. In defense he helped '14' and in attack he was deployed looking for the back of the defense. A protest cost him the yellow card at 18 minutes. It grows when it appears closer to the rival area and when it can run with meters, receiving a very hard entry from Marc Roca, who finished on a yellow card. After the break he went on to play in the center of the defense accompanying Godín. Fifteen minutes later he returned to the middle with the entry of Montero by Rodrigo. It is usual to see Saul change positions constantly during games, perhaps in excess.

Koke: Starting from a band, he was trying to get into play by every means possible. A point was to take advantage in the 12th minute an error in the blockade of Diego Lopez. He was not able to enter the game with assiduity and had a gray game at the start of the game.

Lemar: He has taken the title without question after returning from injury. In his third consecutive game in the eleven exchanged the bands looking for difficult attention of the rear perica, although concentrating on the left where he likes to receive to face the rival side. He tried a goal in the 41st minute with a dispthat Diego Lopez sent to a corner. He was substituted at the time of match without penalty or glory.

Griezmann: Despite a participatory start, it disappeared in the first half. A bad change of game ended up propitiating the first goal of Espanyol, receiving the Pedrosa ball and starting from his field to stand in rival area. When he is not well the team misses him a lot, but he was not able to grow and show more with the score against, passing to the right side and leaving Correa behind. It is required more in times of crisis of the team.

Morata: He had the first big occasion of the match with a heads up that the same was generated at two minutes, but he did not finish corner and Diego Lopez avoided the goal. Ten minutes later he returned to be close to the goal, but did not connect well the header. They were two key occasions to try to get ahead on the scoreboard. After that it went out.

Correa: Entered the break due to Savic's injury to occupy the right wing. He scored a goal that put Atlético in the game, but was canceled by hand. He went on to play in the second half with Griezmann on the right. It was not revolting.

Montero: Entered with the score unbalanced by Espanyol for Saul to return to the middle. The team was overturned and stayed on several occasions as the last man. Little could do back.

Vitolo: Simeone turned to him for the last half hour in search of the comeback. The trajectory of the game did not change at all.

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