1x1 of Alavés: Abelardo's farewell in tears

The Glorious lifted the record of the descent of Girona. Emotional day for the goodbye of many players and the coach. Party of procedure without much crumb in Mendizorroza.

Sivera: It surprised his ownership and more on the birthday of Pacheco but it made sense that he played. He has worked all year and deserved that opportunity. He was attentive to the most complicated moves and resolved them well. In the goal of Portu could not do anything.

Vigaray: Good match, the last with the albiazul elastic. Contract ends but has no renewal offer. He was intense in defense and joined the attack plays being quite vertical on his right side. Notable against Girona.

Laguardia: Little work for the central maño who has signed a great season. Portu complicated his life a bit but he was, as always, at a good level. He has been one of the players most used by Abelardo in the current season.

Ximo Navarro: Good match of the center. Nor did he have much work except in the last minutes when the Alava players suffered with Doumbia and his exceptional physique. Great season of the player from Alava, who has played as right back or as a center next to Laguardia or Maripán.

Adrián Marín: He has been one of the great slaughterers of the Abelardo era but he played at a good level against Girona. He was serious defensively speaking, he dared for the band and was even about to score in the second half with a shot that went out for very little.

Pina: Good game from La Mancha. Perfectly placed in the center of the field, short-circuiting the Girona game and starting the offensive transitions. Notable campaign of the player from Brujas.

Manu García: Serious and competent in the core. Always intense and committed. Sometimes he saw something slow or inaccurate in a pass but you can not blame anything. It is the soul of Deportivo Alavés.

Wakaso: Intense, involved and hardworking. He scored a great goal in the first half (the only one of the season). The exit of Abelardo could encourage him to continue in Vitoria since he considers that with the Asturian has not played everything he thought he deserved.

Jony: Another night of first level. Courageous when facing his rivals, with ability to overflow, pass and finish. On occasion, something selfish. Abelardo replaced him in the last minutes and Mendizorroza almost falls to ovacionarle.

Rolan: It seems that he has not given everything in the Alavés. He played the first part of the season in Leganés and the second in Vitoria. It belongs to Depor. Active in the clash against Girona, offering and creating situations of danger for the rival.

Calleri: Another heroes of the night. He has signed a dream year and the field stood up when the Pitu called him to go to the bank. He scored a good goal and worked piece by piece as in all games. Being able to sign him is unlikely since it is 10 million.

Twumasi: More can not be done in the minutes he played. He offered, percutió by the right band and took dangerous passes. Half of Calleri's goal is his. It gives the feeling that he could have been taken advantage of much more. It will follow surely.

Álex Blanco: It played in the last minutes but as soon as it had ancestry on the game. His time in Vitoria has been invaluable. Yielded by Valencia (actually it was in B) Abelardo has seen it very green. He had minutes in the Bernabeu and yesterday in Mendizorroza.

Guidetti: It has been a tough year since all the forwards have passed him on the right and on the left: Nephew, Baston, Calleri, Rolan ... almost all have played more that he. Against Girona he barely contacted the ball. The club could look for a way out in summer.

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