1X1 Espanyol: Rosales and Wu Lei knock down Europe's door

Espanyol reaches seventh place thanks to their goals. Darder played injured the first half. The parakeet boat full of 'heroes'.

aDiego López: The goalkeeper gave security to his teammates and he made no mistakes. He hardly had to intervene in the second half.

Rosales: He lacked a bit more to attack, but he could not afford excessive luxuries because between Barrenetxea and Willian José they searched for his band. He made it 1-0, with a shot from outside the area with his left foot. A goal vital.

Naldo: Marked the line in the center of the defense and was attentive to help his teammates. Fast to cut and excellent in the last minutes. At a high level.

Beautiful: He showed chevrons at the start of the ball, always accurate and with quality, and most importantly, he distilled tranquility in complicated moments of the game. Its level is very high and a center of '10'. Leader.

Pedrosa: He was controlled and the Real Sociedad barely left him room so he could enjoy space for the band to show his speed. In defense he was more than correct.

Granero: He kept calm with the ball on his feet and joined well with Marc Roca to control the attacks of the Real Sociedad. In the second half he multiplied and was successful.

Marc Roca: He showed quality in some actions in which he played too much, but it went well. He crossed lines with his passes and found Melendo on more than one occasion. Great match.

Darder: A collision in the first minutes of the game depleted him because he was touched the ankle. He had to leave the field twice to be treated. He threw in illusion and pride not to ask for the change. In the second part his body said enough.

Melendo: He tried to put one more march to the game and teamed up well with Marc Roca. He stepped on the area several times, but missed the goal. He was always shown.

Wu Lei: He threw several unmarked and finished off the crossbar a foul that Granero served in the first half. He was insistent and signed 2-0. His control was excellent, faced Rulli and defined in a spectacular way.

Borja Iglesias: He fought with the back of the Real Sociedad and showed character in the actions that had to control the ball from behind. He disposed of a couple of occasions, but he lacked fortune. In the last minutes he had 3-0. Tireless worker Match without goal, but outstanding.

Víctor Sánchez: Appeared by Darder. He put order in the center of the field and immaculately attended Wu Lei to leave him alone against Rulli. His appearance was very important for the last minutes.

Sergio García: Lució in the last minutes. Calmed with the ball and endured.

Puado: Appeared in the last minutes. Like all players, it's from Europa League.

Photos from as.com
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