1x1 Espanyol: Pedrosa and Borja lead the way to Europe

The left-back signed a sprinter action for the 1-0 and the tip made a double. Great group duel with special mention also for Melendo and Barn.

Diego López: The goalkeeper made a good intervention against Morata in the 3 ', but gave a scare when the ball escaped in the area in the 12'. Nothing happened and from then on he was safe and hardly suffered.

Rosales: He gave oxygen to his team on the right wing and tried to add to the attack whenever he could. He placed several dangerous centers. At defensive level he made no mistakes and controlled his area well.

Naldo: He was successful and distilled tranquility and good manners when he had to leave with the ball played. By high was impassable and continues to show that it is a central guarantees. Full match.

Beautiful: He got clueless in the first few minutes and caused an occasion for Morata, but he signed a serious match. He was excellent in the distribution of the ball and very well in the aid and the court.

Pedrosa: He signed a marvelous race for the left wing in which he was leaving rivals behind, as Rodrigo and Savic, thanks to his speed and propitiated the 1 -0, Godín own goal. The crowd applauded him. Tireless and unstoppable with space. In defense, very well.

Granero: He showed himself and asked for the ball insistently. He got together with Marc Roca to defend and he was excellent. He read very well the game and overcame several lines of pressure from Atlético with his passes. Meeting of note.

Marc Roca: He is at a great level and gave a delicious assistance to Borja Iglesias in the 26th minute that left him alone in the area. In 38 'Saul stopped in a spectacular way and saw the yellow, but knew how to hold the whole game.

Darder: Enjoyed freedom in midfield and tried to hurt in many ways at Atletico. He moved the team well when he had the ball on his feet and enjoyed some arrival from the second line.

Melendo: He was insistent. When he overtook his marker, he received a foul. In the first part he enjoyed the fans with their electric and vertical actions. In the second half, he attended Borja Iglesias for the 2-0 with a great pass to the space.

Borja Iglesias: He fought and fought with the Atlético defense. It was always a valid option to give the ball in attack. After the break he shone more thanks to his double. He made it 2-0 after receiving a great pass from Melendo. He was not nervous about Oblak. The 3-0 was a penalty.

Wu Lei: It went from less to more. He did not stop moving around the attack area and look for the back of the Atlético defense. He threw a lot of breakdowns correctly. Volunteer and left replaced with a big ovación.

Puado: Appeared by Wu Lei. Worked in attack and caused the penalty that was the 3-0.

Víctor Sánchez: played on the right side the last minutes of the match and served.

Sergio García: No opinion,

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