1x1 Barcelona: Wagué and few more are saved from the general debacle

Players like Boateng, Umtiti or Malcom proved to be light years away from their best level; The young defender of the subsidiary was one of the few green shoots in a match to forget.

Cillessen: In the first goal he was able to do something more because he passed him by the short stick that he was theoretically covering, but it was his only blunder in a remarkable game of the Dutch goal. He avoided a major disaster with good stops to both heads of Araujo and Maxi. The second goal came from maximum penalty after some innocent hands of Umtiti. The Dutch goalkeeper will have to wait for the Cup final to have a defense in conditions.

Wagué: The highlight of the match. He played with impudence, without ever losing face to the game, climbing up the right wing always with intention and even trying to look at goal when he could. In fact, the first shot with danger of the Blaugrana came through his boots. Valverde will have taken good note because he was one of the few who won the lentils in Vigo.

Todibo: The inactivity ended up taking its toll on the young French central who ended up being replaced in the second part because of an injury. Until then he had a prominent role in defense, surpassing thanks to his speed to his striker, but having problems at the time of scoring in the plays of strategy and in the positional game. He saw a yellow card for an untimely entry.

Umtiti: Another disastrous game of the French that is beginning to be worrisome. Slow, heavy and without ideas, it provoked many doubts in the rearguard and fomented the gaps in the defensive game. To top it all the first goal came because he let his back win negligently despite the effort of Arturo Vidal to meddle in the play of Maxi Gomez and the second because it caused innocent hands within the area. A season to forget from start to finish.

Vermaelen: You can not point to him in the team's defensive debacle in the second part, but the truth is that he did not contribute a plus to avoid such a mess. He played on the left wing, providing solutions counted on the ball out. The good news is that he finished the whole.

Arthur: He started moving the ball with judgment and making things very easy, in a position as committed as the defensive pivot. But his game was gradually losing prominence and even more so when he 'gave away' two balls in the area committed to the rival. Party of lights and shades of the Brazilian, that if he wanted to knock on the door of Anfield seems that he has achieved only part. He was replaced by Arturo Vidal.

Aleñá: The canterano went from more to less. After a spectacular start, with a lot of prominence with the ball and when driving in the game, the passage of time was hurting him remarkably, as his forces began to decline and his game was intoxicated by the pressure of the rival. In any case, one of the few green shoots.

Riqui Puig: Another that faded away as the minutes passed. After an excellent first part, with an attempt of roulette included, his game lost whole as Barcelona lost control of the game. His youth and talent allow us to dream of a splendid future, but the present still has a bit of a big one.

Malcom: The Brazilian's match is very irregular. It was located on the right wing, but never knew how to find solutions in attack, contributing rather little. A pity because he has lost a great opportunity to claim for the big dates that have to come. Neither Dembélé injured points in the eleven today.

Boateng: If someone looks at their statistics should think that Prince came out to play the last three minutes of the game. That a center striker does not finish once at the door says a lot about his performance in Barcelona and that his contribution is as sterile as testimonial in the attack game, too. One thing is that it came in the winter market with the idea of not being a starter in the first team and another thing is that it seems that it would not be in the subsidiary. His fate is already written: Sassuolo.

Dembélé: Very bad luck for the French striker who injured himself in a fortuitous play when trying to recover a ball. Not even three minutes had passed and he was already on the ground asking for the change. Everything indicates that it is a break in the femoral biceps of the right leg. Valverde's face when he asked for the change was a whole poem. It is clear that for the second leg at Anfield against Liverpool he does not arrive.


Collado: His entrance brought a bit of kick and push, placing himself on the left wing. It was his premiere in the first team and he even finished once at the door, although the ball went wide. But at least he tried, they could learn others.

Arturo Vidal: Al Chilean gives him igwhen playing at Old Trafford, at Camp Nou or at Anfield, he always comes out to give it his all. On this occasion it was not very successful. He played in the defensive pivot, a place where he did not feel very comfortable.

Murillo: He replaced Todibo in the center of defense.

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