1x1 Barcelona: Messi's obsession with the Golden Boot prevented a defeat in Ipurúa

Blaugrana crack was not willing to leave Eibar without finishing the job and achieved a double that leaves him very face the possibility of winning his sixth Golden Boot.

Cillessen: Lights and shadows of the Dutch goal, who had four interventions of merit, three at the end of Charles and one shot by Sergi Enrich, but who was not especially successful in the two goals of Eibar. In Cucurella could do something else, as he touched the ball but could not stop it from ending at the bottom of the net. He had more guilt in Di Blasi's goal: first he failed to clear the ball on his head and then he went back too slowly to the goal. In any case, the balance ended up weighing more good stops than the errors.

Semedo: He was making a discreet match, since Cucurella was eating his toast. And the thing was worse when he received a blow to the head that forced him not to leave in the second part and go to a hospital center to do a thorough exploration. In the 45 minutes he was in the field, he contributed rather little.

Piqué: He had some major concentration error, allowing himself to steal the portfolio in a play between Cucurella and Charles, which fortunately Cillessen successfully solved. Neither was very precise in the anticipation, committing more than one error of bulk. In the air game was more successful and the ball output made few mistakes, although in a combination with Rakitic was about to mess brown. The central one is giving clear symptoms that the 'Anfield syndrome' has not yet been overcome.

Lenglet: Very irregular in all facets of the game. Soft in defense, slow in anticipation and insecure in the ball out. It is clear that the French central has reached this end of season with clear symptoms of physical and mental wear. Luckily there is only one game left to end the season.

Alba: Good match in general lines of the left side. Incisive in his band, he tried to find solutions in attack combining with Malcom, but the Brazilian is in another wave. The canterano complied with the script, although he was seen disagreeing with the former player of the Girondins on more than one occasion.

Sergio Busquets: It's not right. He has reached this final stage of the season totally exhausted. He needs to do an urgent 'reset' because it is evident that the batteries are with the pilot in red. He lost many incomprehensible balls in the midfield and never gave a feeling of dominating the game. At least you have to admit that he never hid and kept asking for the ball. Valverde changed it in the 64th minute, aware that the forces are at the limit.

Sergi Roberto: Good match of the canterano, who played on this occasion as a right inside. In the first minutes he recovered a ball that was very close to become the first goal of Messi. Very dynamic and active, especially in the first part.

Rakitic: Very flat in every way. The Croatian fulfilled and little else. Few offensive and defense boasts with many unforced errors. Another that is beginning to give evident symptoms of general fatigue. Nor should it help to know that your club is looking for an exit this summer to make cash for the signings you want to undertake.

Arturo Vidal: The Chilean is like the cotton test: never cheats. It can be noted for many things, but its capacity for struggle, claw, push and sacrifice are non-negotiable. He complied with the script, but he was also particularly good at the combinative game. It is clear that he has won a place in the starting lineup of the final.

Messi: The only one who was playing something in the field and it showed. He scored two goals of beautiful invoice and resolution thanks to his talent and efficiency, which place him in a clear advantage of goals to win the Golden Boot. The face with which he looked at Malcom in an action that if the Brazilian had ceded the ball remained Leo alone before the goalkeeper was the ones that are scary. The Brazilian will not sleep this quiet night. Messi still does not laugh, but at least scores goals and that's the best news for the Cup final against Valencia.

Malcom: He played on the left wing. You can not say that he did a bad game, but he did not contribute a 'plus' in the field either. Very predictable his game, also falling systematically in the offside. Admittedly, he never lost his face to the game. Yes, the gesture that Messi gave him to not pass the ball when he was alone inside the area will retain it in his retina for a long time.


Wagué: The young right-back entered like a bolt of lightning, giving electricity and drive in the right band. He continues accumulating merits to have more continuity in the first team.

Aleñá: He had more than twenty minutes to put talent and strength in the midfield. He got it in part.

Pérez: Debut cn moments of boiling, with an auction attempt included.

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