1x1 Alavés: insufficient match to fight for Europe

Manu García celebrated the match 250 with the Alavés elastic. Rolan was more active and involved in the game in the first half than in the second.

Pacheco. Solvent porter. He did not have great actions but he did not lose the team because of him. Very long season for everyone, even for him, who has played everything.

Vigaray. Play the last games for injuries and absences. It works well but will not continue in the club. The team has not let go but neither is competing to death.

Laguardia. Serious and hardworking. The game was put face but Valencia came back with muscle and quality. Goodbye to Europe and recognition of one of the men with more minutes.

Ximo Navarro. He scored the goal and worked in defense. The season ends at a high level but the level of demand of the team is not high. There are more people who leave than the one that remains.

Duarte. Suffered with the rush of the band people of Valencia but was at a good level. He has had a great season on the left wing. That's why it has been renewed.

Pina. He tried to take the baton of the game in Mestalla but Valencia is a great team. He has had a great season but he has arrived with very little gas at the end of the season.

Brasanac. Yielded by Betis, will return to the verdiblanca entity. The Alavés is not going to make any effort to gain their rights. Worker, involved but with little descent on the team game.

Martín. He is playing on the right half of the right wing when his logical location is on the right side. It is not out of place but it does not stand out either. Compliant without big headlines.

Jony. It is always the brave, the one who faces, the one who centers, the one who gets the corners and fouls or the throw-ins. It stands out but the club will not be able to pay for it. It costs much more than what you want to pay. And the market is the market.

Rolan. Active and involved. More in the first part than in the second. It came out of a fiber breakage and it looked like it would not compete again. But he did. It will not continue in Vitoria. Your rights belong to the Deportivo de La Coruña

Calleri. He is aware that the club will not pay the amount necessary to close his contract. In spite of this, he is involved and helps both in defense and in attack.

Borja Bastón. He entered with the intention of increasing the chances of Alava but hardly created danger. He will return to Swansea, the team that transferred him to Alavés at the beginning of the season.

Twumasi. Every time he plays he does different things. Abelardo has not seen things that convince him in training and you have to respect him. But it is also true that the same has been wrong.

Manu García. Match 250 of the vitoriano with the elastic one of the Alavés. He jumped on the pitch with the intention of tracing the result but Valencia was very superior.

Photos from as.com
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