Zubeldia: "Of course you can still fight for Europe"

The midfielder of Azkoitia defends the possibilities of the Real Society to fight for the European positions and returns to remove the face by his Sandro companion: "Although it does not demonstrate it in the matches, in the training marks many goals".

Igor Zubeldia, Real Sociedad midfielder, has analyzed the situation of the txuri-urdin team at the gates of a key week to know whether or not to fight for Europe in the remainder of the season.

Take up. "We are sad for the result of Zorrilla but this Thursday we have another opportunity in front of our fans and we will go for all. "

Lost Miss in Valladolid." I was in the field but I knew I could finish in goal as finished as finished, I do not know what tell you, in the end he did not enter and we only came with one point ".

Lesionados." It is true that we are having a lot of casualties, but now we are the ones that we are and we have to take it out with what we are, but to be ahead we must do things very well and we are not doing it for now ".

Better play on Thursday against Betis." The best thing that can happen to you when you do not win is that the next opportunity arrives soon, and above is in Anoeta and although the fans are a bit angry, we need them and hopefully they will help us to get the three points ".

You can still fight for Europe." Of course, the I do not think so, I tell you that I'm wrong, because the numbers are there, you can still do things well and finish well, if we fight, I'm sure we can get close to that goal ".

Betis, another opportunity. "A direct rival, a hard match, but we won the betis the good thing is that we advance him in the classification and we get into that fight for the posts of Europe" .

Personal Improvement. "Without a doubt, in the end myself I've noticed that change compared to last year, I feel more confident and more loose, but I still have a lot of room for improvement and I'm calm. "

Fourth confrontation against the Betis. "It's always useful to know how they play and know how they do things, but each match is different, and we'll have to give our best image to get the three points" .

Sandro. "From what I see, it's normal in the wardrobe, always with good attitude and desire, and training gets many goals, although not seen in the games. The strikers live on the goal and it is bad, but I am convinced that their goals will come ".

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