Zhar claims a penalty after six months without being a starter

The attacker of the Leganés defended with vehemence his right to throw it before Gumbau. I did not dial since September. Symbolic goal after not throwing the penalty of Butarque against Villarreal.

Nabil El Zhar grabbed the ball with gusto. I wanted it for him. That penalty was his. At his side, Gerard Gumbau tried to convince him. The Girona native is also specialist from the eleven meters. There was no way. Nabil had it clear. He and nothing else that he would throw that shot that was used to cut distances against Villarreal (2-1) and, in the case of the Moroccan end of Leganés, to end a drought in the league that lasted from September 26. The day he began to change from an untouchable title holder, to a secondary piece in Pellegrino's plans. The paradox that punishes this 32-year-old attacker.

That autumn night, the Leganés won 2-1 at Barça. Zhar scored by taking advantage of a great center by Jonathan Silva, who played for the first time. Because for the first time the Leganés played with defense of three power stations. And yes, that first time also to beat Barca, far from raising the Franco-Moroccan, served to start digging his hole in the bench pepinero.

Pellegrino ended up suppressing the line of four in the middle and Nabil was the one sacrificed. His last start in the league dates back barely a month after that goal to the Blaugrana. On November 3 El Zhar competed at home against Atlético de Madrid, but he has not started again in a regularity duel. In total, 170 days without competing start in the league. Almost six months.

A too long period only satiated with the Cup: before the Ray, in Vallecas, it got wet again. That one of December 4 was his last time.

The rematch of the first round

That's why El Zhar knew that this was his penalty. For that reason and for the symbolic thing that had to mark the Villarreal in this luck. In the first round, in Butarque, a maximum penalty was also pointed out, which Carrillo finally launched. The Argentine failed and that match ended in defeat (0-1). He had to get even with Nabil's favorite rival as a cucumber.

Since joining the Lega in the winter market of 2017, he has made three of the nine goals he has scored with the zamarra blanquiazul. The one that wants to dress again at the beginning. For which he was reinvidicó in La Cerámica with a penalty that, since it was noted, grabbed with gusto.

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