Write: "Before coming to Celta I hated Iago Aspas"

The celeste coach threw in irony to talk about the good moment of the Galician striker, who again returned to get out of the quagmire to the Vigo team.

The 7 points won. "I wanted 9 out of 9, but where we came from, 7 out of 9 was a good week, we can not describe it in any other way, we have suffered them, but also deserved"

Rubén Blanco's good form. "As for Ruben, we are very satisfied, he has something important and he has Sergio on the side, Ivan also, Sergio who is a goalkeeper with a tremendous career, he supports him, he is a young and international goalie, very happy"

The reaction of the team . "The merit belongs to them, this group has quality, we wanted to bring more order and balance and increase the level of intensity, there are days like today that we see a lot, also because of the state of the terrain. all "

Amarilla to Aspas." I did not know, I'm the first one I heard when entering the locker room, you have to understand it, the joy (when Aspas took the yellow one by marking the ndo) "

Victorias at home." I would like to think that we will also win them out. To start we have Barcelona at home and Atlético will also be difficult. I would like to think that the team does not look so much at home. I think that some of those who are left out we will win "

Sobre what surprised him Aspas." I hated Aspas, because he is one of those players who bother you, because it is very good. When you play against him, you love him because he does not fail, but it makes you uncomfortable. It is different. It's all talent, not physical. I suffered it. Now I enjoy it "

Melero López." I respect. Even in defeat. I respect the work of the referees a lot. I do not care if it was a penalty or not, just like the expulsion of W. Jose. I think the victory is fair and I am left with that reflection "

Outside the descent." The important thing is at the end. Our ambition makes us go to Wanda with the idea of trying to win and score points. If then the results are given, and we have to lose some position, we will lose it. The points that save us are ours "

Caparrós." I would like to send a hug to Joaquín (he suffers from Leukemia). It will leave this with the support of all "

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