White rolls her up again and puts the Spurs ahead again

36 points of White were enough to disrupt the intentions of some Nuggets where Juancho debuted in a Playoffs.

Los Spurs continue playing glory with players with a journey to do and facets in which they still improve as first swords. And a name is beginning to boom in Denver: Derrick White. The exteriors of the Nuggets have taken the logical lead in the tie, as it is logical to be the ideal complement to a star like Nikola Jokic, but Derrick White has already excelled in the two victories (1-2) of his own for making a commendable and surprising work in both areas of the court.

Mike Malone's team is stuck, anyone sees it. The nervios of being in a position of power with many of their players debuting in these conflicts are gripping them. Only in a brilliant phase of the previous match they were seen to shine, but in this third in San Antonio they repeated errors of the beginning of the tie.

It is not because they have not been sorta, it is not that. In this facet we can congratulate them: 51% in field shots and also the same percentage only counting the triple, Beasley, Morris, Craig or Jokic having good performances in attack ... It is the other side which they neglected. They let some Spurs grow, that we do not forget, they are limited. Although they play well, which is the case, there is still tara.

That was played to what Gregg Popovich wanted. It has been going on for 20 years and, although many of us ventured that it would stop being that way, it's still happening. Two factors came together: not knowing how to match the rhythm of the opponent, since Jamal Murray was not as graceful as in the second match, and not knowing how to cut the game tap of the opponent, leaving White and DeRozan to roam freely. the AT & T Center.

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