Wade says goodbye to Miami in star plan (30), but the Heat will not be in the playoffs

It was Wade's last game in Florida and he left the best of his repertoire, but the wins of Pistons and Hornets (which will be played in eighth place) leave them without options.

The three teams that came with options to take the last playoff spot in the East did not fail, but the results were only worth two of the three. The Miami Heat, despite going over the Sixers, see how their chances of playing the title eliminations have definitely faded. The victories of the Pistons and the Hornets condemn them to stay out no matter what they do tonight in Brooklyn. They will be those of Detroit and those of Charlotte that are disputed the eighth position, with enough more options for the first ones, that have a game of advantage and play in the Madison Square Garden. For its part, the Hornets hurry their post-season options at home against the Magic.

Pistons 100 - Grizzlies 93

Tremended comeback that the Pistons needed to take home victory against the Grizzlies, with which they were losing 22 points in the the second quarter. Until the last one they did not manage to turn the scoreboard, although from the third one a change in the dynamics was seen, caused mainly by Andre Drummond, very involved in the match and pulling the rest of his teammates. The center finished with 20 points, 17 rebounds, 5 steals (some at key moments of the comeback) and 3 blocks. Shortly after Ish Smith joined him with one of his best games of the season. 22 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists for him from the bench. Between the two they avoided a defeat that would have complicated the options of the Pistons very much. Now they depend on them and even the defeat could be worth them if Charlotte does not win.

Cavs 97 - Hornets 124

The Hornets did their homework in Cleveland, where they won without problems to some Cavaliers who have been thinking about next season. The party served as a farewell to Channing Frye, who is retiring from basketball. He scored 10 points in the 7 minutes he was on track. But the tension was on the other side and they weathered it pretty well. From the hands of Kemba Walker (23 + 3 + 7) and Jeremy Lamb (23 + 3 + 5 + 3), and seconded by Miles Bridges (18 + 7 + 4 and 3 blocks) and Dwyane Bacon (18) they achieved a triumph that allows them to reach the last day of competition with options to qualify for the playoffs. They need to beat Orlando and the Pistons lose in New York.

Heat 122 - Sixers 99

A tremendous shootout from the Heat to some Sixers who already think more about the first round of playoffs than anything else. The Philadelphia team booked Embiid and Redick and the other three starters did not play more than 21 minutes. In the premises, bittersweet feeling. The victory did not help them to continue opting for the post season, since the victories of Pistons and Hornets definitely eliminated them from the equation. However, the match itself will be remembered forever as the last Dwyane Wade played in Miami, the most important player in franchise history. The round of farewells that have been living throughout the season had its peak last night, before his fans and his family at the foot of the track. And the escort brought out his best tricks, those that have made him one of the greatest players ever. Starting from the start for the first time this year, Wade signed 30 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. Tonight in Brooklyn, with nothing at stake for the Heat anymore, we will have the last chance to see Wade on a basketball court.

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