Voigtmann from Moscow: "Win today is to fulfill the plan"

The Baskonia returns this Thursday (7:00 pm, M + Sports) to the Megasport Arena in Moscow for the second round of their series against CSKA.

Second delivery of the crossing of the Baskonia against CSKA after the defeat by 26 points at the Megasport Arena in Moscow. The Perasovic endured well until the break but then were overwhelmed in the third period with a partial 29-12. Sergio Rodríguez was the main executor of the Russians.

It is certain that the referees charged the Vitorians with personal and that the Slavs had many more free throws. CSKA was called 18 fouls throughout the match (just over 4 per quarter on average) and went to the light bulb 28 times. The numbers of Baskonia say it all: 28 and 10, respectively.

But these are variables that do not depend on Perasovic or his players. You have to be smarter and have more trade. Voigtmann analyzed some keys from the hotel of concentration. "If we won the game on Thursday, we will be fulfilling the plan. With our defense we can do very good things later in attack.That is usually our game," said the German.

Return to Vitoria

After the engagement in Moscow, the Kirolbet will return home in private charter. He wants to arrive at his Base Camp as soon as possible to prepare for next week's commitments at the Buesa Arena. In the short term the reinstatement of Jayson Granger is not expected, much less . His ankle is still under observation.

Ese is another key concept in this crossing. Itoudis has twelve men of great quality and full performance while Perasovic does not make use of Jalen Jones, Tadas Sedekerskis and Miguel González to give some examples. And, in the end, the matches are very long. And more before the CSKA.

Photos from as.com
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