Virgilio Hernández Rivadulla, historical journalist of the motor world, passes away

It was a historical journalism of the motor world that he exercised during most of his career in Marca. He was also director of Motorcycling, Driving and Industrial Madrid, and ADA (Ayuda Del Automovilista) magazines.

Virgilio Hernández Rivadulla, 97, and a historic and dean of motor world journalism, has died. Rivadulla worked for most of his career as a sports journalist for the Marca newspaper for 42 years. He was also director of Motorcycling, Driving and Industrial Madrid magazines, and ADA (Ayuda Del Automovilista), to which he was linked until the last days of his life. He was also a collaborator in various programs of Radio Nacional, for 40 years, including 'Caravana de Amigos', 'Objetivo Motor' ...

Also worked on the small screen, being the first scriptwriter, presenter and sports commentator during the first year and a half of Televisión Española (TVE).

Tomás Diaz Valdés, As's first special envoy to the grand prizes, said goodbye to his teammate and friend through "Virgilio Hernández Rivadulla, my teacher, has died, as it was for many sports information professionals I was 97 years old and in two weeks I was going to turn 98. Rest in peace who guided me through this complicated world of motor information . I am dismayed, I do not even know how to begin this gloss in his dedication. So many moments of good work and better to eat, that ... Memories thrill me, he was a great person, the best I have ever known in this blessed profession, I remember the day that Nieto won his first world title and that he was to do the same Santiago Herrero, it was in the former Yugoslavia (Opatija), where we were both to cover the information for our rival media, 'As' and 'Marca' .

"No I can follow. Sorry. Rest in peace who, besides being a companion, was a dear friend. A great person has left us. It will always be in our memory. "DEP.

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