Villarreal loosens his tie

The goals of Bacca and Ekambi give three points of gold to a Villarreal who moves away from hell. Chukwueze was again the best against a conservative Leganés.

Bacca is a life insurance. It does not matter to him that in spite of his 11 goals it is not indisputable, that he has only played six complete games and even that he is the fifteenth player of the Submarine in terms of minutes played. Your self-esteem has no price. Before the Leganés gave an exhibition of how a forward plays back, how an attacker opens gaps between a wall of five defenses and, above all, how a predator leaves the skin and is where it should when your team needs you most. His goal in 64 ', for his vividness in a rejection, will not be remembered for its beauty, but for its worth. With his appearance and another one of Ekambi in the final stretch, Villarreal already has six rivals behind him and the descent to four points. It would not be strange that he is still dancing cumbia to the rhythm of his nine.

The Villarreal confused in some moments of the first time do not distress, as he used to and can not afford, with parsimony in circulation. The Leganés, entrenched, did not give options in the direct game, reason why the appearance between the lines of Chukwueze and Bacca was more necessary than ever when playing Cazorla and Iborra like daring midfielders. The Colombian elbowed his place, while the Nigerian did it showing many of the virtues that make him stand out. Breaking out and combining inside. He was able to overtake the Submarine as soon as he started. His braids left him out of play and made a masterful finalization useless. His was also the second best occasion. And, of course, from his boots and imagination was born a great play wasted by Ekambi at point-blank range.

El Leganés did not change anything in his return from the break. Be saved, I saw with good eyes the point. Order and solidarity to the sound of bugle Siovas. Little more. Villarreal did not retouch the drawing. However, he did with some attitudes. Fornals, too heeled to the band, began to help in the creation. And his team noticed it. Even so, it was collectively lacking the usual: it shone, overflowed, more quality. Until Quintillà, another squad with a promising future, focused from the left a treat in search of Ekambi. His header was diverted by Cuéllar in the first instance, but Bacca did not forgive in the second play. With half an hour ahead Leganés decided to untie and Braithwaite gave La Ceramica a good scare. A stadium that has suffered this year of the beautiful and that did not breathe even with the roscad de Ekambi that seemed definitive. El Zhar scored in the 87th minute after a penalty from Álvaro and gave away eight more minutes of fear and accidents that, this time, did not bring a displeasure at odds.

Calleja: "We have a margin, but we know it is not final"

The coach del Villarreal, Javier Calleja, pointed at a press conference after defeating Leganés (2-1) and added a vital victory in the fight for permanence that, with these three points, have a small but not definitive advantage in this final stretch of the season.

"Things look optimistic, but we know that it will be very hard, we have a margin, but we know that it is not definitive We can not lower the least and we must continue the same until the end," he stressed. About the game, the coach from Madrid stressed that "it is very hard to win, making a great match and what we have suffered, but the details complicate us, the missed chances, the rigorous penalty, the goal of Samu, has made we have suffered for the team, he has known how to be, he has not wrinkled and the result is fair ".

Calleja explained that seeing how his team was playing in the first part he was convinced that the victory would come and recognized that" su penalti I was angry, it was a play that made us defend suffering, but the team has had the job that it has lacked in the season. "

Finally, he thanked the support of the fans when he remarked that" the chip has been changed, the people are with the team and that helps us a lot Now once again people are aware of what we are playing, they have been supporting, encouraging and doing it with all The forces are very strong. We want to dedicate them permanence ".

Pellegrino:" The question is what happened in the first part "

The coach of Leganés, Mauricio Pellegrino, said in a press conference after the defeat of his team against Villarreal in La Cerámica by 2-1 , that his team did not play a good first half and that in the second the local goal conditioned the game.

"It cost us to play in the first half, they moved the ball and made it difficult for us. The second part better, but his goal opened thematch and it was more complicated. The question is what happened in the first part and why the team was not as in previous matches. "Despite the defeat, the Leganés is still installed in a comfortable position nine points down." My reference is not the points, my reference is what we do in the field and each match ", commented.

" If you relax thinking about the points, do not compete; and I look at the game. We have many games left in first place and for the Leganés each game is important. I did not like the first part, so I wanted the team to give another sensation in the second half ", added.

Questioned by the action of the kick from Omeruo to Cazorla that caused a tangana in the final minutes of the match, the coach Argentine pointed: "It was a play in which Omeuro, who is a young player and without evil, went strong and did not want to hurt him. I think the game was played with good intentions from start to finish. "

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