Vicente Moreno: "The coaches are helpless"

The coach of Mallorca left the meeting in the 81st minute for an expulsion that did not become effective until several hours passed.

Real Mallorca coach, Vicente Moreno, lived a most unpleasant Sunday this season. In addition to losing in Cordoba 3-2 after a bad game of his team and falling from the posts of playoff, the vermilion technician left the meeting in the 81st minute for expulsion, an expulsion that was not effective until almost eleven o'clock of the night having played the game at twelve o'clock noon.

The story is due to an incorrect wording of the record by the party's referee, López Toca, of the Cántabro Committee that had initially indicated in the section of warnings at the end of the game , the following: "In the 81st minute the coach Moreno Peris, Vicente was reprimanded for the following reason: protesting in an angry manner, loudly and raising his arms, after having been warned several times". In turn, in the section of expulsions, the referee had indicated in reference to Real Mallorca, "None" .

Presently, nine hours after the end of the meeting, at 22'53 hours, a correction appears in section 5 called Other observations or extensions to the previous ones and under the subtitle of 'Other incidences', the following text: "Due to an error in writing the minutes, the RCD Mallorca technician appears in the section of warnings instead of 'expulsions'. The correct wording is as follows: "In the 81st minute the coach of Mallorca Moreno Peris, Vicente was expelled for the following reason. Protest in an angry manner, loudly and raising his arms. After having been warned several times ".

After the game, and before the error was known in the arbitration record and its subsequent rectification, Vicente Moreno had declared on his expulsion that" the coaches are helpless, the feeling is that without saying anything, if perhaps a player of ours, you miss two games, it seems a lot to me ".

After this correction the Majorcan coach, recidivist, could be sanctioned with two games. Curiously Mallorca now corresponds to the corresponding confrontation with The Reus, team withdrawn from the competition, with what is supposed to not compute and would meet his penalty before Numancia and Rayo Majadahonda.

Vicente Moreno already served two sanction meetings in the first round for the same reason but without many corrections in the arbitration record.

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