Verstappen never thought that Vettel was "a magical pilot"

The defeat of the German against Ricciardo in 2014 and the threat of Leclerc this season make the Dutchman only consider him "good pilot".

Take the sky in four magical seasons with Red Bull and when the car of the Milton Keynes team came back into contact with the reality of the rest, the talent of a four-time world champion like Sebastian Vettel began to question in a debate where he pointed to the superiority of the RB as the cause that took him to the highest and not, a great level of piloting. The dispute is still open, especially since Leclerc landed at Ferrari, and the last to comment on it has been Max Verstappen.

The Dutch does not consider that the Heppenheim do feats at the wheel as they did other referents of the World Cup. The current pilot of Red Bull does not hesitate to highlight the quality of the German but, nevertheless, does not see in him more than "a good pilot" since, otherwise, "I could not have won four titles". "Despite this I never thought it was magical and that is, in part, because Ricciardo managed to beat him in Red Bull and now he can get confirmation with Leclerc, that also makes it very difficult for him," he commented in La Gazzetta dello Sport, according to the average GP Fans.

The fight between teammates is always the battle in which the drivers find their biggest rival and, before the rumors of sharing equipment with Lewis Hamilton or Charles Leclerc, the Dutchman does not shrink and would face a challenge that, in that case, would expose his talent: "If there is a possibility that Leclerc and I become teammates, I will accept that challenge. And this also applies to Hamilton. He has already won five titles, but I do not care. "

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