Van der Poel wins the Amstel with a sprint for history

Impressive triumph in the Dutch classic of the local idol. His sprint will remain for the history of cycling. It is the best victory for this cyclist who points to superstar.

Mathieu Van der Poel, the great irruption of what we have in the cycling season, added an epic victory to show in his candidacy for superstar of the sport. He achieved it in the best possible scenario, the Amstel Gold Race of his country, Holland, where the fans expected to see him crowned with the national champion jersey. And he did, yes, but in a spectacular way, when few gave any opportunity to this great cyclist who comes from the cyclo-cross and who are already raffling the best teams in the squad after his six victories in just 15 days of competition in 2019.

Su strain , grandson of Raymond Poulidor and son of Adrie van der Poel (winner of this same race 29 years ago), will have something to do with his character as brave and loving runner of challenging and attractive cycling. He had tried from a distance, accompanied by Gorka Izagirre, in the only opportunity in which there was some Spanish prominence in the race, since Alejandro Valverde was absent by a pájara ("I felt empty") .

Esa torn from Van der Poel and Gorka in Gulpeberg, 43 km from the finish line, was put down. Those who did manage to leave were Julian Alaphilippe and Jakob Fuglsang, a pair of high quality cyclists who coordinated to open a gap. They soon pushed the group of favorites away and only Trentin and Kwiatkowski insisted on hunting them. They were close to catching them, but never contacted. The Pole of the Sky never lowered his arms, as if guessing what would happen in the final kilometers.

And what happened will remain for the history of the race. Alaphilippe and Fuglsang began that vigilance that, with such cold blood, must be carried out so as not to lose the options of triumph. It was not the case. The parsimony of the two escapees caused the battler Kwiatkowski to catch the wheel, while the bottom of the final straight appeared the group of favorites commanded by Van der Poel.

The Dutchman, who had the pace of the chase, was already launched, but it did not seem like he had time to get to the top. Yes, he gave it to him. At 400 meters stood up printing to the bike a speed that allowed him to reach the trio, pass it and enter the finish line with a gesture that even he did not believe what he had just starred ... He had won! After the finish , he threw himself to the ground, completely empty, while assimilating the feat. A cloud of photographers surrounded him and the fans took photos with their phones. No one wanted to miss the snapshot. The birth (or rather the confirmation) of a star.

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