Valverde, after being 8th in Flanders: "You want to think about going back"

The Murcian, who was in charge at all times, finished eighth in his debut in the Tour of Flanders with 38 years. He finished satisfied and could return.

"Very happy for today's race. It has been a very demanding race because of the tension, the nerves, the placement ... but once the group has been selected I have found good feelings, I have tried to start climbing the 'walls' in front and finished very satisfied. I finished much closer to the triumph than I expected. As the race progressed, the forces of the rivals were fairer and the group was smaller, so it was easier to 'file', to be ahead ... when the group was leaving, it was going very well. I do not know if I can aspire to win this race in coming years, because it is a test in which knowing the terrain well is key, but I have done very well. I'm leaving with a desire to return and being in the group of the chosen ones gives me a lot of confidence, "said the Murcian, who finished eighth, in statements collected by the Movistar Team.

" The team has run very well: with great enthusiasm, at all times forward, following the cuts with great confidence ... We have started to be calmer but in the final section we have always been in the leaks and running very solidly. For my part I do not think that I have noticed so much the lack of experience when moving in the race; I've been a professional for many years, I've run all kinds of classics - not pavé, but in other fields - and that baggage I have, "said .222222

" In the last Kwaremont a runner has been cut in front and I had to wait for the second part to find site and link. Yes, when Bettiol was gone, it was very difficult to reach him. There were very fast people, that generated distrust and, although in the Paterberg we have left four ahead and that we have tried to collaborate, immediately another group has come and it was difficult to put everyone in order. I was not going to spend more than the others ... I have been surprised by the enormous amount of public and how they live this race. Thanks to all the Belgian fans; I vibrated a lot, "he concluded.

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