"We value options, even a stadium outside the city"

David Espinar, Ronaldo's right hand, was at the SER and AS Tertulia at Casa Pedro and spoke about the stadium, the team and the continuity of Sergio González and Miguel Ángel Gómez.

Special gathering of SER and AS at the Mesón Casa Pedro with David Espinar, or what is the same, with the man closest to the current owner of Real Valladolid, the director of the presidency of the entity. Espinar is a quiet man, who likes to think before explaining. In this way he expressed his relationship with Ronaldo: "At present we add more time for friends than working together. I joined the Real Valladolid project as soon as the purchase became effective, but before that, I had already been called to work with him on his personal affairs. Until that time we were and still are good friends. "

Espinar did not need a period of adaptation to the city:" I have to say that it is not difficult to adapt to Valladolid, it is a fantastic city and both Ronaldo and I have noticed from the I begin with great hospitality, but it is true that I had lived here for almost five years, between 2007 and 2011 for work reasons ". They are moments of great tension, Espinar explained the way to take the club owner's matches: "He is a calm man, evidently suffering from inside because he is not a person who is very used to losing, he is a winner, he has had the luck to grow and live like that. It has no superstitions, in fact we joke a lot with the ceremonial of Carlos Suarez and some other worker of the club during the matches. He assimilates it well and is calm because he sees that the team gives everything they have and that the players are very aware, they have not lost their face to any game, they are very proud of the team and the coach and this helps a lot ".

Plaza signing in the winter market pointed out: "For these issues there are people more appropriate than me to speak, but the signing of Plaza was a consensus, their reports were in the club months before their signing, and what I can add is that has not cost what is being said out there. " He also wanted to clarify the rumors that always unite the people who appear in the box of Zorrilla to the club for the next season: "Sergio and Miguel Angel have a year of contract and at no time no one of the club has questioned anything. On the other hand, we think that our box is still a good scenario for everyone to know Real Valladolid. We want to be a global club, and to have the president of the Croatian Federation or a myth of football like Fernando Hierro watching the game gives notoriety to the club outside of Valladolid. Obviously if I want to sign someone I would try to be discreet, it does not need much clarification. "

The stadium. Perhaps the great owners of this gathering focused on the theme of the renovation of the stadium, Espinar was very clear:" The city sports and the stadium are sustainable projects that do not depend at all on the team's sporting march. The president's number one goal is to make the best decisions for his subscribers. We do not want them to come to an indecent stadium, we want it to be a worthy installation of this city and now it is not. We are contemplating all the possibilities, even leaving Valladolid to a nearby town that facilitates us more than the Town Hall of the city to have a worthy scenario for our subscribers. I do not want it to be understood as an ultimatum, it is a matter of looking at all possible alternatives. " On the current situation in the negotiation, he said: "We know that they have to carry out some procedures, we understand that they have their way, but we also carry ours. We are already moving, because among other things, if we want to remove the pit we need to start the work immediately after the League, the deadlines are adjusted. "

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