Valladolid could buy its stadium to pay for the reform

The remodeling of José Zorrilla, which costs € 40 million, could favor its sale, owned by the municipality, to Real Valladolid de Ronaldo.

El Nuevo José Zorrilla is not so new nor lives up to its name. Inaugurado in 1982 for the World Cup held in Spain, the Real Valladolid stadium has been obsolete and needs reforms. The first and seems more urgent, which would increase the capacity in 5,000 locations to exceed 30,000. The high cost of the remodeling, about 40 million euros, bring the club closer to the sale of the stadium where Real Valladolid plays.

The problem of financing the high cost of works with municipal coffers is the main factor that would favor the change of property. The works include, in addition to the increase in capacity, the updating of security measures, the elimination of the pits and, above all, a significant facelift of a facility that, despite its name, is after turning 40, it has become obsolete.

The socialist mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, in the middle of the municipal elections campaign, has included in his electoral program the reform of the Nuevo José Zorrilla and the sports city of Real Valladolid. The candidate has clarified that they are holding talks with the club to carry out a "complete" reform, since the stadium has become obsolete, but intends that the remodeling is affordable from the economic point of view by "all parties".

In the event that the sale of the stadium, whose price is being calculated by the municipal technicians, would be carried out, it would be the club that would assume the costs of a reform that, a priori, will begin next June, as it progressed the president of Real Valladolid, Ronaldo Nazario de Lima, when he presented his sports project.

The option of selling to Real Valladolid is gaining strength. It was the club itself that proposed the option of buying the stadium, as confirmed by the mayor of the city, to carry out the exploitation of it. But he clarified "should value everything and study the formulas to carry out the operation, always conditioned to the remodeling" .

"You have to see how to fit the pieces so that Real Valladolid feels comfortable with the purchase and to make it viable for the City Council ", warned Puente, who considers" very interesting "the project to clean up a public facility that, in three years, will meet 40,

Ronaldo's project for the stadium of Valladolid is very ambitious. Includes, roughly , improvements in the facilities with the creation of annex fields, indoor stands, a technology center, multipurpose rooms, a residence, an administrative headquarters, and a leisure and recreation area. The construction of the Sports City in El Pinal de Jalón is also pending, in a plot assigned by the city council.

The sale would fit perfectly with the recommendation of the European Union so that the councils get rid of this type of facilities to avoid that it is considered a "covert aid" to a corporation. In any case, the sale of the stadium by part of Real Valladolid is conditional on the results of the next municipal elections.

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