Valencia plans to take on Kang In, who is already in Korea

The Asian player left last Saturday to prepare the U-20 World Cup but the club has the power to make him return if there was an injury, as it has been.

The injury of Denis Cheryshev, who will not play again in the remainder of the season, has caught the technical body of Valencia. Marcelino gave permission to Kang In Lee, player who can occupy the left side of the center of the field, to leave with his national team, to prepare the World Cup sub-20 that is held in Poland from May 15 to June 15 after meeting the week after the club with the Korean federation.

Kang In said goodbye pay the bags on Saturday , just before the rest of his companions traveled to Seville. The South Korean was not counting too much for Marcelino and it was understood that the U-20 World Cup could be a showcase for him. However, the Russian injury changes the plans and now Valencia is considering re-fishing Kangin Lee for the final part of the season.

For the time being, deadlines are being studied. The club already made clear to the Korean federation that agreed to let Kang In leave but was left with the power to recover it if a contingency like this happened. The coaching staff wants to know exactly the dates on which it could be back and in which it would have to return to Korea before making a decision. In the next few hours, the entity will take a final position.

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