Valencia meets Emery

Marcelino's team goes to the semifinals after winning also in Mestalla, under a deluge. They marked Lato and Parejo of fault, after diverting Funes Mori. Wait for Arsenal.

Dani Parejo said on January 13 that he refused to give up the season. Those were times when there was malaise for Mestalla and in Singapore, nerves and doubts. 95 days after the captain's tweet, Valencia confirmed under heavy rain its presence among the four best in the Europa League. Those of Marcelino continue to honor the Centennial of the Valencia. Never before has any black and white team reached so many semifinals in the same season. A Sevilla will go to fight for the Cup and the Baku final and they are only separated by the Arsenal of Unai Emery, the third coach with the most matches in Valencia's history (220), the second coach who has beat Marcelino the most times (7) and the same one that got off to Valencia in their last European semifinal (in 2014 with Sevilla). Pure morbo, duel with glamor.

The Valencia solved the tie with Villarreal with an incontestable difference. The 5-1 shows how one reaches the decisive section of the course and in turn summarizes the overall season of the other. The match at the Mestalla was a mock derby, because Villarreal is not to be burned in anything other than saving the category, hence the eleven Calleja, and also because Valencia, even with rotations, was left speculation in the locker room and went out to win. Marcelino even risked aligning Guedes, who was ready. But the Spaniard understood that the best way to not suffer or give place to the yellow miracle was to hit first. They did theirs by fast track (minute 12) and mediated by the Portuguese, who was the one who attended Lato. There ended what was given, which was little.

Llovía like few days in Valencia and it was cold as almost never. Time invited to stay at home and the result of the trip did not call to leave it. Hence the mention of the unconditional 26.403 present in Mestalla (600 of them arrived from Vila-real.) The misfortune of all is that they witnessed an ode to non-aggression, a duel without tension and without emotion. the black and white, is that they saw their Valencia qualify for another semifinal.

Captain and prophet

A Calleja, at least, served him the meeting so that Trigueros, who had missed the last 11 games, took pace and also to give minutes to homegrown players like Andrei, Morlanes and Raba. Marcelino, on the other hand, did well to maintain a competitive spirit among his team, because there are more than 13, 14 and even 15 black and white players who have options and merits Play in how many important games are still ahead of Valencia, of course there are those who know for sure that they will play them, like Guedes, again the best, or Parejo, who signed his ninth goal the course and the ovation of Mestalla again took. He already said it on January 13. Captain and prophet.

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