Valencia and Villarreal, heads and tails in the time of discount

Marcelino's team won the qualifiers against Krasnodar or Getafe with goals over the horn. Villarreal has lost important points in the final moments.

The Valencia and Villarreal live the duel back quarter-finals of the Europa League in Mestalla almost as a transition to a new league match. All for Wass and Guedes, who scored two goals in the time of the discount in La Cerámica and practically sentenced Marcelino's ticket for the semifinals. It was a good notion of what has been the season of both. Today locals celebrate the successes in the Centennial year thanks to their goals beyond the 90 '. The Submarine does not stay under the sea, but the additions make it difficult for it to reach the shore ...

It all began on January 29 in Mestalla. Rodrigo Moreno, who was judged for not having performed at an adequate level so far this season, scored two goals in the discount to turn around an impossible tie against Getafe. The stadium broke with jubilation, in the first step to the resurrection of this brilliant Valencia. In the first leg of the semifinals the same formula was repeated, but with another protagonist: Gameiro. The French striker scored the 2-2 at the last minute in what was a giant step towards the final.

At the Krasnodar, Valencia took the win in his fief in the first leg by two goals to one. They were promised very happy Marcelino until Suleymanov condemned them to the elimination with a goal in 85 'in Russia. The miracle time was still there: Guedes scored the equalizer and everyone pounced on him to celebrate another feat. They had done it again. Between averages of crosses and eliminatory, Piccini gave the three points to his team before Huesca (2-1) and Diakhaby rescued another against Sevilla (1-1). The last feat was the goals of Wass and, again, Guedes in Vila-Real.

Caso contrary to Villarreal. Calleja's team suffered its biggest blow this season in the first leg of its quarterfinals, but not the only one. In the discount, Luis Suárez ruined what was going to be the most characteristic triumph with a great goal at the exit of a corner. Also Longo stole two points from Castellon and gave one to 'his' Huesca. Borja Bastón, in the first months of the season raised the tie with a goal in the final moments. Not all bad news: Cazorla against Spartak, Pedraza in front of Levante and Chukwueze and Rober Pier (in own door) in Ciutat turned a bad game into joy thanks to the poster discount.

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