Up to 500 private aircraft for the Final Four will be rented

Minneapolis will host from April 6 to 8 one of the biggest sporting events of the year in the United States. The NCAA reported 945 million euros in 2018.

This Saturday, April 6, will kick off one of the largest sporting events in the United States: the Final Four of the NCAA. This event, which will last until next Monday, will be held at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will report substantial benefits to the city.

According to a Rockport Analytics study, which estimates that the Men's Final Four, which will face Virginia, Michigan State, Auburn and Texas Tech, will bring to the city a figure close to 94.000 visitors, among whom are estimated to spend a total of 142 million dollars.

As a more recent example is the final of the Super Bowl last year, which was held in this same city and stadium. Only in the transports by subway, Minneapolis obtained a profit of 343 million. As is logical, the caliber of college basketball does not come even close to the grand final of American football. Below are some figures and curious facts about the Final Four in its two days duration.

- The last time that Mineápolis hosted a Final Four was at 2001. That year won the Duke University, contesting the full event at Metronome. The stadium, former headquarters of the Vikings (NHL) and Minnesota United FC, was demolished five years ago.

- The current stadium, which will house the event today, will be U.S.Bank. It has a capacity close to 67,000 spectators but it is estimated that they will be able to increase the stadium's maximum capacity to a total of 72,000 people.

-The cost of was 1,129 million dollars and is transparent in 60% of its walls and ceiling. There is a rule within the NCAA that forces all games and practices of the Final Four to be played in the same light, therefore the university league has ordered to cover everything with black cloths.

- Among the finalists is Michigan State , a university that has won dos titles of NCAA (1979 and 2000) of its, until now, 9 appearances in the Final Four. The 2019 would be the tenth.

- Among the other three finalists there are only two appearances in the Final Four: Texas Tech and Auburn had never made it until now, but Virginia did in 1981 and 1984. In none of them will be It is estimated that for these days of the Final Four (April 6 to 8) a arrive at the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul, separated only by the Mississippi River) a total of 500 private planes . A figure well below the 1,100 that was collected by this city to host the final of the Super Bowl in 2018.

-The elimination of Duke (68-67 against Michigan State) reached 10.5% of the television rating United States: highest percentage in the NCAA quarterfinals of the last 15 years.

- Tariq Owens, one of the players of Texas Tech, came to play a total of 83 matches defending the Tennessee and Saint John shirt before joining in the Texas university based in the city of Lubbock.

- The tax revenues generated by the NCAA in 2018 were 1.06 billion dollars (945 million euros) . 82% of that total amount was generated by the men's tournament and the remaining 18% by the female.

- The total salary received by the four coaches from the universities that are in the Final Four is 11.3 million dollars . In that list stands out the renowned Tom Izzo, of Michigan State, with an annual salary of 4.2 million.

- Kihei Clark, one of the bases of Virginia, is the lowest player of the Final Four: weighs 154 free ( barely 70 kilos) and measures 1.75 meters. He was the one who gave assistance to Mamadi Diakite to force the extension on the speaker before Purdue in the quarterfinals.

- One of the players that has played the most minutes is Cassius Winston: the base and star of Michigan State accumulates a total of a minute on the bench in the last two duels.

- Virginia is the 353 in the national game rhythm ranking at the national level. It is the team that has received fewer points from all of March Madness, , leaving its rivals at an average of 55 points per game. Virginia, on the other hand, averages a total of 71 points received by duel.

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