Trigueros: "It's complicated, but we're going to compete"

Manu Trigueros, who has played 29 games this season, trusts Villarreal despite 1-3 of the first leg: "If we mark early, we'll see ...".

Manu Trigueros, who has played 29 games this season, spoke of the match tomorrow in the return of the Europa League against Valencia (9:00 pm, Goal and Movistar + Champions League) .

Content to return. "Contento for returning, for helping the team, for taking sensations and confidence ".

Eliminatoria. "We know that it is a resounding result that we receive at home, but in football we see unexpected results and we go with the ideas of making a good game and inconvenience Valencia the most, we have to play and we will see what happens" .

Was to help to the team. "I am very excited to return, to give my best and it is true that there is little left, but what is left is important and it is the goal of saving the category. Salvation is certified and that is the most important thing."

Mark soon key. "It is a bulky result, so we go with the idea of making a good game and play as we know, it's a game that can help us and if we score soon we'll see" .

They will not think they're made. "It's going to be complicated, but we're capable of scoring three goals and I do not think they've already done it and see it closed, let's see if we can complicate their lives. and we can have some option. "

No relax." Knowing Marcelino I do not think they relax, they will get a guarantee team. but we still go with the idea of making a good match and you will see ".

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