To Marcelino few make him three

Only he conceded such a number of goals in two of the 97 games in Valencia. Calleja looks for the hardest with homegrown but Valencia does not trust.

Mestalla opens its doors to a decaffeinated derby (watch the match live on . This is what the goals that achieved Wass and Guedes in the first leg match, which ended with a 1-3 that gives the Valencia favorite rank with capital letters. Neither invites the yellow optimism to go through the season nor the statistics. To the Valencia of Marcelino few teams make three goals, which minimum are those who need the Calleja to work the miracle. Only the Betis (3-6 in favor of the che) and Real Madrid (1-4 in Mestalla) achieved it in the 97 matches that Marcelino has played on the che bench, both of which happened last year.

It is true that, what happens What happens, this derby will end up writing history in one or another club. If the yellow machada were given, it would not explain why; while if Valencia confirms its pass, feed the mystique of the year of its Centenario. Never in its 100 years of life has Valencia managed to play in the same season two semifinals of something. He played one against Betis and qualified for the final of the Copa del Rey in Seville and is 90 minutes away from a round of a European final, that of Bakú on May 29.

Marcelino does not quite trust Villarreal. More out of respect for his past than out of fear of a pharaoh of his own. Even the tail is all bull, which says the proverb. The Asturian, despite this, what doubt fits, will draw an eleven attending to the circumstances, which among others are his visit to the Betis League. So they have room in their plans today like Roncaglia, Diakhaby, Lato or Sobrino, who will hardly have a place in the final in Sevilla.

Calleja, while, also focuses more on their game against the Leganés. Until today it will not give the list, although in it a great presence of canteranos adventures. He tells them all to "enjoy" and that "history is written in such days." Amen to try, people like Trigueros or Fuego will have minutes after their journey of injuries. It's goodnew.

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