Tiger Woods reactivates golf

Its emergence in 1997 beat audiences, increased the number of practitioners and golf courses, led the income ladder ... Something similar is expected now.

The media are often tending to abuse terms like "historical" or "legend" in headlines, driven by the excitement of the deed and competition. Therefore, when we come across truly 'historical' events or 'legends' such as , the triumph of Tiger Woods on Sunday, the hyperboles fall short. The victory of Tiger in Augusta, eleven years after his last Major, reaches a stratospheric dimension for various reasons. On the one hand there is the human aspect, that history of overcoming from the very hells, a glorious return for which only the elect are trained: Ali, Jordan, Lauda, Phelps, Nadal, Bartali, Federer ... On the other hand we have the sport side : el 15º grande places Woods at the center of the debate about the best golfer ever.

If we stick to the numbers, only Jack Nicklaus leads, which forms a stellar trio with Arnold Palmer and Gary Player that changed the story of his sport, as I would do Seve Ballesteros. The influence of these players relaunched golf. And the same happened with Tiger. Record hearings remain theirs since their appearance in 1997. In the following decade, practitioners and the creation of fields rose 22% and 16% in their country. It was the time in which Woods led the income ladder. Something similar is expected now. The television impact has multiplied since he regained the level a year ago. And what will come. In these last courses there have been great champions like McIlroy, Watson, Mickelson, Koepka, Spieth ... But none so recognizable and mediatic as this Tiger that returns to roar.

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