Tiger appears in Augusta's green jacket, in Bermuda shorts!

The American, after winning last week his 15th in Augusta, took a very casual style in his first public appearance.

Tiger Woods finished the Masters of Augusta and that has led him to feel above good and evil, as far as styling is concerned. And it is that the Tiger, in his first public appearance after the conquest of his 15th great, was seen with the green jacket as the winner of Augusta along with some shorts and a pair of sneakers. Undoubtedly, a style of the most casual.

Tal and as it gathers the portal golf digest, on the night of last Friday Tiger appeared in this way in the restaurant 'The Woods Jupiter', of which he owns.

No wonder that the Tiger wore the green jacket to his his own restaurant in a most distended environment, because after winning in Augusta, the American insinuated that he would take the coveted garment to his children's school. "I am excited to show it at school," he said to close the press conference of last Sunday. Fans are already looking forward to Tiger's next appearance with the green jacket ...

Photos from as.com

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