This is how the Rayo with Paco has changed

The franjirrojo team could not beat Betis in the re-run of the coach, but it left good feelings. There were several aspects in which this Ray showed changes ...

The new Ray of Paco started last Sunday against Betis and left a good feeling. The franjirrojos took the ball away from the rival and were ahead in the score almost 50 minutes, until Tello and fortune led to a draw on the straight Full Time. There were various aspects in which this Ray showed changes ...

New system, new faces

Paco deseched the defense of five and regained the line of four behind (Tito, Abdoulaye, Amat and Álex Moreno). Of course, opted for Mario as a pivot to help in the work of containment, supported by Medrán in the core. This first eleven was full of gamers. With a special mention to work, in the shadow, Pozo as interior.

Pression high and lines advanced

La intensity was one of the nonnegotiable premises. El Rayo came out to bite from the first minutes, as requested by the fans with a banner in the previous match. The players did not give a ball for lost and pressed without rest and with the lines very advanced. The centrals were practically in the middle of the field, Mario deactivated Lo Celso and Pozo and Medran, the media béticos.

Finish the attacking plays

El Rayo finished the game with 20 finishes in his salary (five at the door and fifteen who went away or rejected), his record this season. More than twice his rival, since Betis only shot seven times (two on goal and five out). The franjirrojos have always generated occasions, but called attention to how they tried to finalize each and every one of their arrivals to not give option to a rival.

Other resources to limit risks

One of the hallmarks of Paco's Rayo during his previous stage was the ball played from behind. And it is something that has not changed, although it has evolved. This team maintains that idea, but without running risks that are unnecessary as could be observed in different phases of the game. If Dimitrievski, Abdoulaye or Amat were overwhelmed with the ball, they played it long.


Paco's work during his first days focused on the soul. The template was immersed in a spiral of pessimism and even fear and wanted banish that reaction of instinctively throwing back when they went ahead on the scoreboard. The target goes through the reaction of the block when it receives the first hit, without collapsing. Against the Betis, for example, the team did not come down nor with the missed chances nor with the goal of Tello.

Win or win, is not worth the tie

Paco has always coined that the draws are not worth, more if possible in a critical situation like the current one. The season in which Rayo tied the most (11, in 2015-16) ended up descending. Hence, his changes have a marked offensive vocation: against Betis, with 1-0 entered Trejo by Medran and Comesaña by Pozo; with 1-1, Di Santo for Mario. He finished with two forwards. In its previous stage with defense of three and all the artillery above.

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