This is the fight for the descent in the absence of three days

All to decide with the last nine points at stake. Direct duels and missed opportunities can decide the struggle for permanence.

There is no exact formula to establish the amount of points that can mean a decrease or a permanence in the First Division. El Deportivo de A Coruña exemplifies perfectly this volatility of the struggle for salvation in the last decade: the past course credited the decline with fewer points with 29, but also the most expensive in the history of the competition with 43 points in the 2010-11. campaign Placed to throw simple arithmetic, the average of points necessary to avoid the descent in the last ten seasons is 37 points. Surely this season salvation will be in those figures, but the last results invite to think that this could be greater. The differences are minimal and none of the six candidates for the descent have a particularly simple calendar. Each point of the remaining nine is a treasure.

Villarreal: 14th with 39 points Left: Real Madrid out, Eibar at home and Getafe out.

The skid before the Huesca with everything in favor to seal the permanence postpones the objective of the Submarine, at least another day. Con all, the dynamics are very positive: up to this draw, they added three consecutive victories. They have won the goalaveraje Rayo and Levante, tied with Huesca and Girona and lost to Celta and Valladolid. In the first part of the championship, they got a tie of merit before Madrid and added another point in Ipurúa, although they lost with Getafe in La Cerámica. He's the one with the most face.

Celta de Vigo: 15th with 37 points He's left: Barcelona at home, Athletic out and Rayo at home.

The return of Iago Aspas has breathed life into the celestial, who have gone from being almost evicted to being the second best positioned in the table. The data is devastating: with Aspas in optimal conditions, the vigueses have added 33 of their 37 points. They have wasted two good chances to seal the stay against Espanyol and Leganés and what they have left presages a dog-faced duel on the last day. The goalaveraje has been lost with Levante and Valladolid, will depend on the general against Girona and they have won the Huesca, while the results are not part of the Galicians: have lost the three duels of the first round against their next three results and , as if that were not enough, they lose the goalaveraje against Rayo by 4 to 2.

Levante: 16th with 37 points They have left: Rayo at home, Girona out and Atlético de Madrid at home. Two months without winning, they have put the Granos in trouble: the victory against Betis was the first since 16 February. This last day did not prevent Barcelona from singing the alirón and now it is left to play nine points against three opponents with all at stake, both above and below. Especially important the games against Rayo and Girona, because none of the Goalaverajes is in favor of Paco López's team. As if that were not enough, in the first round they only managed to score a point against their last three rivals of this course: tied at 2 with Girona in Orriols.

Girona: 17th with 37 points Left: Getafe out, Levante at home and Alavés out.

Other team that has been getting into the mud little by little, arriving to add six days without winning until they were imposed on Sevilla by the minimum in Montilivi. Only has the goalaveraje won the Rayo, depend on the general against Celta and It remains to play a match against Levante. It is difficult to make a forecast, both optimistic and pessimistic, for Eusebio's team: These three same matches were played at the halfway point of the season, just at the moment in which the Germans began to fall in the qualification.

Valladolid: 18º with 35 points You have left: Athletic at home, Rayo out and Valencia at home.

El Valladolid clings tooth and nail to the First Division. Until the last day, they added seven of nine possible points and drove away the ghost of the descent that was beginning to appear for José de Zorrilla. The blanquivioletas harvest practically the same number of points away from their fief as in him: four victories and six draws as visitors, one more than at home. Le gana Goalaveraje Celta, Girona and Villarreal, but loses it with the Huesca and Levante; the match of the Lightning can be decisive. In the first round, they added two points against their next rivals: empataron in San Mamés, lost in the visit of Rayo and left with a Mestalla draw.

Huesca: 19th with 30 points. You have left: Valencia at home, Betis out and Leganés at home.

The Aragonese are teaching us that can not be taken for grantedcough even in the worst situation. To show, the draw achieved in Villarreal. The bad start of the season does not play in favor, but neither against the whole of Francisco: they have lost against Celta and also against Rayo, while they will depend on the general against Villarreal and Levante and, finally, they beat Girona and Valladolid. However, they only added points against Betis in this same series of matches: they won by two to one in El Alcoraz.

Lightning: 20º with 28 points They have left: Real Madrid at home, Levante out, Valladolid at home and Celta outside.

The franjirrojos have it quite raw. Mathematically, salvation is still possible, but the dynamics are not positive and the difference with Valladolid is broad. With everything, they have won the goalaveraje with all their rivals to avoid the relegation, with the exception of Villarreal, even momentarily with Celta, who lost 4-2 in Vallecas. Another reason for optimism: won Levante, Valladolid and Celta en the first round consecutively. Difficult, yes, but not impossible.

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