"The thing was very black"

On the rest of Piqué, the coach said that "he had four yellows, he thought that they could run into space and that he could see the fifth, he had not rested."

Ernesto Valverde, coach of Barcelona, spoke on Movistar Partidazo.

With what feeling is going?

The game has been crazy that has had moments in which it seemed that we could win without problems; then there have been times when Villarreal could win without problems and has turned around; and then we tied. This is LaLiga. In any match you have to fight until the end. Everything depends on the result. With 0-2 we had the one of Coutinho, we had clear arrivals and we had to be attentive. To the against them they have created us a lot of danger.

Have you noticed the changes in the back wrong?

When you make a change you think it's the best because things are the way they are. Piqué had four yellows. I thought we could run into space and I could see the fifth. He had not rested.

What has he said to Suárez?

She is always in the right place at the right moment.

What about Messi with the fouls ...

It was a very close play. The other day he threw over the barrier and today he has adjusted a lot to the post. It is a specialist.

Is it important not to lose before Atlético?

Very important. We would have liked to win and there are times when we thought we would win but at least if you leave with the feeling of a draw, the thing was very black.

At a press conference, he said:

Review: "Some things have failed and others have failed. We have scored well, the game has many readings, with many matches in it, we arrived clearly at the beginning, we scored two goals and we were able to do more, but they have quality, we have not controlled the game and they have started to run the back, something that caused us instability, they have a great level and have managed to turn it around, so we have to go back when it seemed lost. "

Partido that teaches things: "This game has to help us a lot, especially for the games that come in. They come well for people to realize that the league is complicated, the teams are good and they have a spirit to be able to fight. They are a good team and they have complicated us, we must improve so that the opponent does not take us with inferiority, since we play with teams that play the league and the Champions and against those teams you can not do it ".

Messidependencia: "Of course there is a Messidependencia, of course it exists, it is the best in the world, but we must know that when it is not we must compete the same, although in the first part there was no Messidependencia and the team has been fine and has been able to sentence the match".

Back, bad: "We have allowed too many chances on the same back, but not only the defense, it was the whole team, it's something that has already happened to us and we have to adjust it better. we must work to improve it. "

Importance of the point: "To the point I give it a lot of importance, as it leaves the feeling of coming back two goals in a game that was lost, and that gives it a lot of value.We know that Atlético is not going to give up and is going to complicate things. "

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