The Zidane plan: meditate 'touch' four places of his eleven

The French coach believes that seven seats of the starting lineup are perfectly covered for the next season. It does not propose to make any revolution.

The words 'revolution' and 'clean' are the most repeated by the Madrid fans as a result of the disastrous season that the white team is completing. However, Zidane prefers to talk about 'evolution'. And is that the plan of the French coach is to introduce some changes, but still rely on the majority of players that make up the current template. In fact, he only meditates 'touching' four places in his gala-eleven, since considers that seven places of the titular team are perfectly covered. This is not an obstacle for some reinforcement to arrive in order to reinforce some demarcation, as it has already happened with the signing of Militao or as it is going to happen with the forward position (Jovic is falling). However, Ramos, Varane and Benzema will remain untouchable, a priori, for Zizou. Next, we indicate the positions that do not have a fixed 'owner' in the Real Madrid eleven of the 2019-2020 season:

Lateral left

Zidane has already publicly acknowledged that he wants Marcelo to continue and the Brazilian has also expressed his desire to continue in Madrid after the return of the French coach. Zizou is giving him minutes to try to recover his best level. However, the Brazilian is costing him. Despite the fact that in these moments its continuity is taken for granted, Juventus will return to charge to try to sign him after having been eliminated in the Champions League. Let's see how the events unfold in the coming months ...

Left interior

The left indoor position of Madrid has been owned by Kroos for the last five seasons. The German midfielder has been one of the untouchables of all the technicians who have been on the white bench since 2014. However, this situation is not so clear for the next season and everything will depend on what happens with the signing of Pogba . Zidane has requested the incorporation of the French player. In case he ends up arriving at the white team, Kroos will have to decide if he accepts his new secondary status or prefers to change his pace.

Left left

Following the march of Cristiano, Vinicius was the player who finally ended up taking over the flank left-hander of the Madrid attack. The great irruption of the Brazilian is one of the few positive news that the season leaves to Real Madrid. However, next season the young forward will have to play the position with Hazard. The Belgian will be a Madrid player shortly, as a request of Zidane. His experience and category could lead Vinicius to the bench or make Zizou change the scheme to accommodate the two in the eleven.

Right right

The safe exit of Bale at the end of the season will cause the right-winger position to be left without an owner . On paper, Marco Asensio and Lucas Vázquez are called to be the players who share the responsibility of occupying that demarcation. However, do not rule out that the club look for a signing entity for there. In any case, at this time is one of the four unknowns that maintains the plan of Zidane.

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