The Warriors win at idle and are already close to being the first of the West

In the absence of four games, with three of them easy, the Warriors are about to secure the first position of the Western Conference.

The Lakers are not recognizable in this season finale: Ball, James, Kuzma, on the bench; Caruso, Williams, Wagner, Jones and Bonga, as important players. The devaluation is raised by them in terms of little doubtful and not even in games that everyone wants to win even if they are last, like when you face the champion team, they take out the caste that is supposed to be one of the two most relevant public teams in the NBA .

The Warriors found themselves with a candy that they did not leave for another day. 8-34 partial departure, with plays of fine taste and dark work, making it fast but not painless to have tied the game after the first quarter (12-39) .

Some details can be drawn from a game that did not take more history Looney returned to show that he can provide Cousins with an additional resource when he lacks, also having Bogut in the chamber. Cousins was again agile on both sides, which has merit counting on Williams and McGee were very hungry in front, and punished in fairness to float on the outside shots. Quinn Cook is not being regular, but can contribute in a few minutes if you enter the first releases. A horrifying day of the 'Splash Brothers', Curry & Thompson, in the shot, 6/25 between the two, had little relevance. And already


A Golden State has four games left and has two advantage with the Nuggets to be the best in the conference at the end of the regular phase. The good thing for them is that they play against Memphis, New Orleans and Cleveland.

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