The Warriors will be first and the Rockets threaten the second place of the Nuggets

Those of Houston won with record of triples (27) and remain half a game of those of Denver. The Warriors sweep the Clippers and will have a field advantage throughout the West.

Rockets 149 - Suns 113

The Houston Rockets burst the Suns on the basis of triples and set a new record in this statistic. 27 entered, beating their own historical record. Gordon got 8/13, Harden 5/6, Tucker 4/9, House Jr. 3/4 ... So until Austin Rivers got his second shot of three of the game to achieve 27th, with all the starters celebrating him at the bench, where they had been for a long time encouraging their teammates to pursue that brand. They were sitting because the match ended in the first quarter, when the locals were already winning by ten points. The second (43-23) ended up making clear what was going to be the duel. The Rockets are half a game behind the second place occupied by the Nuggets, who lack a game to play. To reach them, they need to beat the Thunder and the Denver team lose one of the two matches they have pending, since the draw favors the Houston team, who have won the individual duels (3-1) .

Warriors 131 - Clippers 104

The Golden State Warriors played their last regular league game at Oakland and were fired with a beating over the Clippers, who held the pulse until the third quarter. Many details in the farewell Oracle Arena (in the absence of how far they get in the qualifiers). They played with the We Believe shirt of 2006-07, the season in which they eliminated the Mavericks in the first round, arriving as classified eighth. And at the end of the meeting they hung a commemorative shirt of the 47 years that the franchise has been on this side of the Bay, which from the next season will change for San Francisco. The match confirmed the first place of the Warriors, who will have field advantage in all the Western qualifiers. He did it with a Stephen Curry (27 + 5 + 4) specially motivated by everything that the encounter meant and a Draymond Green (10 + 10 + 9 + 5 + 3) who did absolutely everything.

Blazers 115 - Nuggets 108

Unos Nuggets without Jokic, Murray and Millsap fell in Portland and complicate a second since they seemed to have been tied for months. But the good moment of the Rockets and their setbacks put them in a situation of losing it if they are defeated again in one of the last two games they have left (they play in Utah and receive the Wolves). For its part, the victory is key for the Blazers in their fight to secure the fourth place and have a field advantage in the first round against the Jazz. And they did it with the good news of re-counting on CJ McCollum, who had ten games without playing. Although this time were Lillard (30 + 6 + 5) and Aminu (23 + 11) who pushed more to leave the win at home, something that was not so clear in a fourth quarter in which the Nuggets managed to turn the scoreboard and put ahead a few minutes from the end. Juancho played 23 minutes, in which he signed 7 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal.

Lakers 113 - Jazz 109

The Jazz can remember a lot of this defeat in Los Angeles, which practically condemns them to be fifth and play the first round against the Blazers without field advantage. The Utah team, who could not count on Ricky Rubio and Derrick Favors, seemed to have the game controlled in the middle of the third quarter, when several plays completed by Gobert (21 + 10) put their team up 10. But from there the team fell apart and the Lakers took the opportunity to make blood, especially Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, brilliant in the fourth quarter vibrating all the Staples, including his colleagues on the bench who had a great time (LeBron to the front) with his exhibition. The guard finished with 32 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists and is signing a tremendous season finale that recalls the promise that was seen in Detroit. McGee (22 + 8) was his squire and put the basket that closed the discussion: an alley oop precisely a pass from Caldwell-Pope himself.

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