The VAR spoils and delays the start of Leganés - Athletic

The communication between the VOR room and the referee, Iglesias Villanueva, broke down. It happens that Butarque is the site where the VAR in Primera has been the least used.

In Butarque the VAR does not work. Literal. At least that has been the reason why the Leganés - Athletic that has been played today in Butarque has not started at the scheduled time. The duel, peppered by Iglesias Villanueva and left Álvarez in the VOR room, started five minutes late due to communication problems between the main referee and the video refereeing room in Las Rozas.

The data would not be an anecdote except that Butarque was, until April 4, the only stadium in the First Division in the one that had not been used the VAR to correct or review an arbitral decision. That day, during the Leganés - Valladolid, Cuadra Fernández blew a penalty in favor of the pepineros that was not. The ball never touched the defender's hand pucelano.

Warned by the VAR, the braid checked on the screen and found that, indeed, there was no fault. He rejected his decision and made history, not only because he was the first referee to use the VAR in Butarque, , but also because he was the first referee to 'cancel' a penalty in Spain prior to the use of technology.

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