The VAR fans the Atleti

He conceded a goal to Pharaoh who had canceled the referee. Simeone's team suffered against Girona until Grizi's sentence. He will go to Camp Nou at 8 Barça.

Revenge is served cold and perhaps that's why the Atleti goal came like this: with suspense of VAR. Because Vitolo made Iraizoz leave the cave with a bitten finish. The goalkeeper jumped with Griezmann for the rebound to head Godín to empty goal. Neither gave him time to celebrate. Immediately the referee's whistle was heard: annulled by Griezmann's offside ... Until something warned in his ear. VAR check. One minute, three later, and yes, Godin raised his arm. The Pons boot enabled to Grizi. They could celebrate. Goal. Pharaoh ended with what, until that moment, was being torture. This game against Girona.

Eusebio's team left, black beast, eternal draw, as if the January Cup had not ended. Dumbia took it where he left it. If then the goal that eliminated Atleti in 88 ', yesterday, in 2', obliged Oblak to the paradón. Alone, alone, nodded a center from the heart of the area. The Atleti had come out cold but in diamond. To try to hold on to the thread that remains to this season. The Camp Nou on Saturday. Going as close as possible to Barça is the only card. Yesterday he caressed to go to seven: he will do it to eight.

According to the passing of the minutes, Cholo's team was settled in the match and grass. Comfortable, he put trotón rhythm, friendly in April, with Koke and Arias taking the ball to the area of Eusebio. The first taking that step inward, the second making his right band. The Atleti had depth, as much as wet gunpowder. The Thomashawk this time went to heaven, Koke's crackling splintered the crossbar and Morata, who tried everything, always stayed in 'almost' .


Almost a ball to Iraizoz in a door kick. Almost control that pass from Grizi inside, to the back of the defender, which left him alone before the goalkeeper. Almost turn that other great pass into goal, now of Giménez, in long, for his unmarked. He was fired from the first part with another penalty not whistled in his particular account: a lateral center in which Iraizoz instead of clearing the ball hit his head. He fell in the area, resounding, without casis and without listening to the whistle whistle penalty. Must be starting to get used.

finished the first part with the goalkeeper of Girona with gloves intact while Oblak went with two stops in his and a golpazo. All of Doumbia. Crouched had followed the Girona, waiting for . With better game and possession. That the end of this story was known. That other times I had already lived.

The penultimate goal of 'Pharaoh'

Tate a while Atleti to get rid of the domain with which the Eusebio returned after the repose. Because some players, Thomas, Giménez, Grizi, ready, seemed to play with brake. Because others, Filipe, it seems that for months they are not . Because when Girona had the ball he played between well and very well. Meanwhile, the Atleti was still crashing before Iraizoz.

The goalkeeper seemed to have rubbed every blade of grass in his area with garlic. Every time the Atleti stepped on her, she became blinded. Morata (who was touched), and Saul, and a Grizi who was still denied. But Vitolo found the antidote: he entered through Filipe, just after that whiplash of Aleix García that was the only notch that in the Oblak gloves left the second part, to start the play of Godín's goal. No managed to tie the Girona this time. For the first time. Although attended the end of the game the Metropolitan Wanda with fogged eyes.

Y that he broke two curses. He never beat Girona and Grizi's drought, which marked the end, in the last against. But the stadium could not help it, eyes clouded. That's why he had seen and that it could be the last time. Godín's last goal before his eyes. Or penultimate, better always penultimate, as it happens with drinks at night that you do not want to end never.

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