The physicist and the absence of Griffin again crush the Pistons

They started well, but the passing of the minutes without one of their two available stars broke the deck and the Bucks won again.

The Pistons played better this second game than the first, adjusting well without a Blake Griffin that it would be a miracle that he could play a post-season game (because he will miss this whole tie, as predicted by doctors). They are learning to play without a player who has averaged 24.5 points in the regular season, the best record of his career. Is not easy. On a physical level, in addition to the obviousness of the passage of each attack, either. They took their toll and fell, putting themselves 2-0 down in this first round tie of the Eastern Conference.

The start of the game was for Giannis Antetokounmpo (26 points and 12 rebounds) , who marked territory and put the power before, among others, his former teammate Thon Maker. They both know each other, praised each other in the past, but when they collide in the area the bad guy is usually the Australian born in South Sudan.

The entrance to the court of the second units gave air to the Pistons thanks to men like Ellington, Brown and a successful Ish Smith in the address. They had disengaged and returned to the game at the beginning of the second quarter. Remarkable was also the contribution of Luke Kennard, one of the reliable marksmen of this team. They were in the ointment and that was to praise.

The second half was already a martyrdom for them. They dribbled on Andre Drummond (18 points and 16 rebounds) , who served as host in the paint and catalyst almost without touching the ball. Khris Middleton, either from the posts or from outside, drove part of the third quarter, in which the Bucks doubled the Pistons by 35-17. That's it, everything was over, there was nothing more to see.

Dwane Casey's team finished with 37% in field shots, very far from those who should be a rival who wants to beat the most victorious of the regular phase.

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