The names of the Final Four that must be kept ahead of the draft

Apart from meeting the college champion, the NCAA Final Four is the last chance to see the future NBA players in action.

The NCAA Final Four begins in Minneapolis tonight. We are already in April, but it is now when March Madness ends (early Monday to Tuesday) and the United States will be paralyzed to meet the university champion of the year. For those who are not fans of any of the four teams, apart from enjoying the show and the excitement of the last matches of the tournament, they will also be able to take time to make scouts.

This is the last time this season that we'll see the NBA draft seekers at stake. A warning in this regard: that nobody gets too excited. As usual in the Final Four, most of the names that sound the most to land in the North American league this summer have not arrived. A very high percentage of the players that will be tonight in the two semifinal matches are not going to sign for any team in the NBA this summer.

But there are always things. After watching the performances of the four classified teams and reviewing a few lists specialized in predicting the draft choices, it can be assured that at least the names of three of the sixty players that will be heard next June 20 at Madison Square Garden will be playing this weekend the university trophy.

Two of them point to the top-10. Are Jarret Culver, from Texas Tech, which in his case can be top-5 (even top-3 in some predictions) and De'Andre Hunter, from Virginia, which is not 100% guaranteed to be in the top ten elections but also point to it. Far more behind, between the last positions of the first round and the first ones of the second, the other player who seems fixed in the next draft can leave: Ty Jerome, also from Virginia.

Jarrett Culver (Texas Tech) Escort, 20 years , 1.98 meters and 88 kilos

Before starting the March Madness already appeared in the top of all lists, in many cases within the first five. Your performance in the tournament has done nothing more than endorse this feeling and there are those who already compare him to Paul Pierce. In his second year as a university student, he has taken the step forward that was expected to be a player with very few fissures, look at the side of the game that you look at. In attack is a born scorer able to put them from any distance, with a very refined shot with a very pronounced arc. In addition, he is also able to get involved in game creation tasks and has good vision to find partners in advantageous situations. His footwork on the perimeter is lethal and he has shown to understand the game and know what his team needs from him in every situation. In defense he is used to playing in a team that has focused a lot on that part of the game and the has been able to show off his great defensive instinct, showing himself as a hard-working player with fast hands. Also, take many rebounds for the height you have. In short, a clear top-10 and we will see how far his candidacy comes.

De'Andre Hunter (Virginia) Alero, 21 years, 2.01 meters and 102 kilos

Other than before the tournament appeared in many top-10, but that unlike Culver has not gone over and his candidacy is not so clear to occupy one of the top ten positions. Even so is almost impossible not to take one of the teams with a ball in the lottery. To get an idea of the type of player he is, the most immediate thing that can come to mind is Mikal Bridge. We are talking about a high level defender and there are several people who point to the Memphis Grizzlies as possible interested if they end up choosing between 6 and 10. Of course the way the Tennessee team plays would adapt perfectly to their conditions . Not in vain, Virginia has been the team that has received fewer points in the March Madness and el has been the leader throughout the season, although in the last games the team's weight has been shared more. He is a versatile defender, a clear project of incumbent in the NBA with the ability to grow into something more than a defensive specialist. His athletic ability helps him to be very effective in both hoops and he is able to add in attack.

Ty Jerome (Virginia) Escort, 21 years old, 1.96 meters and 88 kilos

One of the players that has most played with the University of Virginia in this March Madness and the second of the team in the bets for the draft behind Hunter. Considered an escort, he acts in many basic moments and is one of the most interesting combo projects of the class 2019, especially for his great ability to have fun without losing the ball. His best weapon is the three shot, where he has had a percentageercano 40% throughout his career. He also does it with a lot of determination. One of its great strengths are the defensive blocks, in which, thanks to its size, it performs phenomenally whether it is with the player with the ball or with the one who does not wear it. And its size allows it to defend several positions. It has facility to create shots and to draw fouls and get enough rebounds for a player of his stature. Song to play with a lot of confidence and self-confidence. We are facing a very competitive man who could become a little steal in the next draft.

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