The Madrid is Benzema

His two goals saved the team in an afternoon with a disastrous start and a happy ending. Bale was called. Varane failed too much. The Eibar died of exhaustion.

Benzema is the only joy in the shadows of this Madrid. Also the prime minister of Zidane and the team's trailer in this desert crossing. Often put ten, this time saved Madrid with nine classic air, of those who go to the point. Two headbutts of his rescued a Madrid so changing with the afternoon climate: chaotic and lazy at the beginning, willful and decisive in the end. The Eibar was better as far as the legs went. Then he died of exhaustion.

There are two appreciable differences between the two emergency landings of Zidane in Madrid: now the patient is incurable and now the public does not have a pass. There is no doubt neither one nor the other. The Bernabéu presented the fourth worst entry of the season and at three minutes the people were already shouting the first error of Bale, sentenced by the popular jury.

Zidane put this time the Welsh, also Isco, who knows if to hold his price in the market or because he is a suitable footballer to put the knife to Eibar, a team with a very advanced defensive line, which does not look back and that entrusts everything to that thorn that mounts in its first line of pressure to hunt its prey near your goal. Bero Bale started badly, with two offside, the first accompanied by a huge resolution of a heads up. Leads the list of losses in this crack of the 19 in which Madrid has gotten and the fans told him about way until tired. Kroos, another of the main defendants of the process, stayed on the bench. And the first news that he had of Varane was that he forgot the portfolio before Enrich, carelessness that could cost a goal to Madrid. He repeated afterwards with the same inattention, but reluctance. It is on another planet. When Zidane asks that the course ends well, the team understands that it ends soon.

De catastrophe to the comeback

There are also those who think that there is still something to do, even if it is for their own benefit: Valverde, who showed concentration and good exit as midfielder Benzema, the unexpected general Custer of this Little Big Horn; Odriozola, specialist in lung and heart; the Asensio of the second part ... His work did not even give him a chance before the break. The Eibar, however, with personality and ambition, was appropriating this favorable situation, but lost the orientation when he wanted to look at the goal except in minute 39 ', in which a very long combination ended with a perfect pass Escalante, unguarded, Cardona (who played because he broke down in the Pedro Leon warm-up), that stung the ball on a hastily defeated Keylor. There he got angry with a team turned into a vegetable and whose disinterest was arithmetic: he made a foul in 45 '.

Because the incident, in addition to being psychic, was geographical, Zidane changed bands to Asensio and Bale. A total success. It was then when they canceled a goal to Benzema for out of play of two fingers. It sounded like a chupinazo for Madrid. Asensio, more comfortable on the right, gave the French the opportunity to tie in nine shots of break and tear, which never was. By then Eibar had to improvise as center-back with Sergio Álvarez, due to Ramis's injury. A fateful accident.

In that attack of bullfighting shame the Madrid began to tighten, especially from the right wing, with Odriozola and Asensio (there followed even when Lucas entered), and looking for Benzema, the only key that opens doors in this crisis, who in another header, in precise pass of Kroos, his only refuge, put a happy end in a situation of permanent unhappiness. Then he lost two more goals and sent a shot to the post. They were the only traces of his fuzzy past.

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