The Jazz of Ricky (17 + 11) fall in front of some Rockets at half gas

The Rockets have qualified for the Western Conference semifinals. The Jazz defended Harden well, but they did not win.

The Rockets have gone into the semifinals of the Western Conference without much trouble. They only fell in the previous one in Utah, making a very bad fourth quarter, but in the overall score (4-1) of the tie against the Jazz they have been quite superior. And the best thing for them, and the worst for those in Salt Lake City, is that they have not reached their performance cap yet. The fifth and final match of this series has been the best example.

The locals opened with a partial 8-0, but their rivals came back fast. Donovan Mitchell put the 12-12 that balanced everything, although the star was far from knowing how bad he was going to give this game; its action was of remora, failing the nine triples tried to finish with 4/22 in field shots and adding five turnovers. They looked for other alternatives, but not having the solidity scoring of the one that better does that in your team ruined many of the options that the Jazz had in this match.

The early departure of Royce O'Neale to the field despite being a substitute helped. And a lot. He has been the one who has best defended James Harden in the series, something that was repeated last year and what Quin Snyder had inexplicably abandoned with his idea of defense behind Ingles and Rubio. The former of the Gran Canaria not only was well behind, also facing the ring: his 18 points were a new lung for his own, who endured the pulls and improve the second unit of his rival (which is not easy) .

During the second quarter, Crowder and Ingles took the doll out for a walk, with the first one also contributing inside and at the time of unsettling a Harden who did not have his best night. Surprisingly they were two of the players that later, when the moment of truth arrived, they punctured in bone. In those moments before the break the Jazz pulled their heads out of the water and dominated the scoreboard, although with meager rents.

The blowout came when the two teams returned from the locker room: Capela abusing, Paul driving and the Rockets putting twelve up (56- 44) in just two minutes of counting. In the next quarter it was in which the Jazz came back to the height of the rival and pressed the pegs once again: 75-75 after a basket of Ricky Rubio, who knew how to carry his team with intelligence in the static attacks and ended with a double-double that rewarded his good performance (17 points and 11 assists) .

The Jazz reached the last minute and a half only one below, 94-93, after another basket of the Spanish base. That's where his dream ended with a ball stolen by Harden, who played a bad game, and a triple missed by Mitchell, who played a bad game. The difference was marked when everything expired and the Rockets, more made and more comfortable in the tie, won by 100-93 and advance to the next round, where they wait for the Warriors or the Clippers.

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